4 Brilliant Interactive Ad Campaigns Of All Times

In this article, we will explore some of the most brilliant interactive ad campaigns of all time.

This is an era of interaction and engagement.

Interactive ad campaigns are the need of the hour, as customers want to develop a personal touch and a sense of relatability with the brand and vice versa. Click To Tweet

Customers expect to be heard and considered. 

This is why many brands have come up with brilliant interactive ad campaigns through recent years. 

Needless to say, some didn’t work as well as expected but some stood out and became a phenomenon. 

So let’s look at some of my personal favorite interactive ads of all times.

The Burn That Ad Campaign

When it comes to interactive ads, one brand is always two steps ahead, and that brand is Burger King. 

While I’m fond of many of Burger King’s ad campaigns, this one just blew my mind. It wasn’t something I was expecting to happen but it did. 

Let me explain it quickly for those who haven’t seen it. So as a promotional technique and taking full advantage of the interactive augmented reality, burger king designed the #BurnThatAd campaign.

They encouraged customers to burn their competitor’s ads wherever they saw it in exchange for a free Whopper. 

Awesome isn’t it? Mindblown.

Volkswagen Piano Staircase 

Now this one is an old one but it’s one of my absolute favorites. 

You know why? Because it’s fun and it sends out an amazing message of self-care. 

To curb the increase in people taking escalators, Volkswagen came up with something very unique. They made the stairs into a giant piano that played every time someone stepped on it. Click To Tweet

Naturally, people took more of the status than the escalator and did a little tuning of their own. Really amazing.

Coca Cola drink An Ad 

Now this one is an absolute masterpiece and breaks all barriers of interaction. 

To get more people to try on Coke 0. The brand created an ad that was drinkable.

Partnering with Shazam, this ad had coke poured onto people’s phones with the delicious sound and every other effect. 

Moreover, every Interaction garnered them a free coke 0.

Watch it and experience it yourself. It’s unbelievably amazing.

Marine Corps Real-Time Action

Created by our very own Todd Perelmuter of Bizadmark.

This ad combines real-time interaction and information at its best.

Making people aware that marines are mostly the first responders to every high alert area, this ad lets you see how marines are stationed and where.

You can get all the real-time information at the click of a button.

Simple, minimalist, interactive, and informative.


So here they are, some of my personal favorite brilliant interactive ad campaigns of all time. 

I really do learn so much from all of these ads and every other ad that is always giving something to take from it.

If you have any other interactive ad campaign that you like, let us know in the comments.

Moreover, if you want to run an interactive ad campaign but not sure how, to begin with, let us know.

We are always here to lend you a hand.

Till then, adios and keep interacting. 

4 Brilliant Interactive Ad Campaigns Of All Times

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