Creative Digital Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

This blog post will try to answer the following questions about digital advertising –


I was checking Facebook this morning but soon, I got distracted by this beautifully designed ad showing on my feed. Within a few minutes, I was on the social media page of that advertiser and checking out their posts.

As a person who avoids clicking on any kind of ads, this made me wonder what was so special about this one that I couldn’t stop myself from clicking?

The answer was CREATIVITY.

That’s why I decided to write about creative digital advertising today.

What Is Digital Advertising?

Before we understand the concept of creative advertising, we need to understand the concept of digital advertising.

As the entire world shifted to the digital world, so were our ads. The demand for traditional advertising started going down and the demand for digital advertising started rising with this new change.

Digital advertising is just normal advertising served on digital channels like social media, search engines, online websites, emails, etc.. Click To Tweet

For example, TV ads on YouTube will become digital video ads, brochures, when distributed using online channels like social media, will become banner ads, radio ads, when on Podcasts, will become digital audio ads and so on.

In various ways, they are similar to traditional ads. The main difference is that digital ads are shown on digital channels only.

Digital advertising is also known as online advertising, internet advertising, and digital medium advertising.


What Is Creative Digital Advertising?

As a digital user, you are fed so many digital ads every moment. You go to Twitter and you see ads, you watch a video on YouTube and you see ads, you search on Google and you see ads, you read New York Times online and you see ads.

Digital ads are everywhere. They are following us.

Most of the time, we are able to successfully ignore them. But sometimes those ads are able to gain our attention. Why do you think that happens? Why in the sea of millions of ads, we end up clicking on one ad and not all?

The answer is ‘Creativity.’ Just creating and showing a digital ad is not enough.

You want to be that one ad in the sea of millions that people can’t resist themselves from clicking. If your goal is business growth, you don’t want a digital ad, you want a creative digital ad.

Why Do I Need Creative Digital Advertising?

There are three questions related to this that pop up in my head –

  1. Why do I need advertising?
  2. Why is there a need for digital advertising?
  3. What is the importance of creative digital advertising?

Let’s try to figure out one question at a time.


Why Do I Need Advertising?

First, it will increase brand awareness about your products and services. More and more people will come to know about your existence. As a result, it will help in getting your products noticed and your brand recognized.

Second, it will help in increasing your reach. With billions of people out there, you can’t expect to reach your target audience without any form of advertising. If you are unable to reach them, you are losing 100% of those customers without even trying.

Third, it will help in earning the top-of-mind share for your brand. If you are not in their mind, they won’t remember you. If they don’t remember you, they won’t consider buying from you.

Last, it will help in changing the perception of people about your brand.

Why Do I Need Digital Advertising?

The answer to this is as simple as you have to be present wherever your audience is. If your audience is in the Mall, you advertise in the Mall. If your audience is watching TV, you advertise on TV. But if they are not, you have to redesign your advertising strategy.

People these days spend most of their time on the internet than at any other place. Their day starts with the internet and ends with the internet. They watch movies on digital media, listen to songs on digital media, socialize on digital media, and even shop on digital media.

After witnessing these major changing trends, if you haven’t started advertising there yet, you are losing a lot.

How is Digital Advertising Different From Traditional Advertising?

Traditional advertising has become less commonly used but it’s still effective. I will not recommend eliminating it from your marketing plan.

If you are a small business owner and you are looking for ways to advertise, then digital advertising will fit more your budget and you should definitely prefer it over traditional. But if you are a big brand, then traditional advertising should also be there in your advertising plan.

Major differences between the two forms of advertising.


Digital advertising Is comparatively cheaper than traditional advertising. Now any business owner can run ads without hurting their budget. It was not possible earlier. Now, even if you can’t afford a TV ad, you can buy a YouTube ad and it will work.


Digital advertising reaches more people than traditional advertising. For example, everyone is on social media, one good ad there will make it possible for you to achieve the same reach as a TV ad.

More targeted

This is definitely my favorite reason for using digital advertising. It is way more targeted.

Imagine running a print magazine ad. You know the target location of that magazine, even the target audience like women who love fashion, people who love technology. But you don’t have any other details than that.

Now imagine running a banner ad in an online magazine. You can now target your audience not just based on location and their interests, but also based on their behavior, their marital status, their political affiliation, their search intent.

These targeting options are so many on digital media that helps in reaching more people but also more qualified people.

More Data

You must have earlier sent direct mails to all your target audience. But you were never able to figure out whether they threw your mails away, read it and got bored, read it and liked it, or saved it for later.

That was the main problem with traditional advertising, it never provided us with enough data.

Now, if you send the same direct mail as an email, you will be able to get all that data very easily. You will be able to tell who showed interest in your email and who didn’t. You can then retarget those who showed interest and change your messaging to attract those who didn’t.

Why Do I Need Creative Digital Advertising?

If you are able to reach more people with your targeted ad but if they don’t take any action that you want them to take, is this digital ad still worth it?

Definitely No!

This is the reason why digital advertising is not a solution for your business growth. The right solution is creative digital advertising. Click To Tweet

The fact is that you don’t just want to reach the right people at the right time. You also want to make an impact. In addition, you want them to remember you and to develop an interest in your products and services.

Moreover, you want your audience to consider your products over others. You want them to become your customers one day and to start recommending your brand to others.

And all this will happen if you are able to capture their attention.

Capturing somebody’s attention in this noisy digital world is getting tougher than ever. The attention span of your audience is getting shorter and not just any digital ad can win that over.

For that reason, you need creative digital ads.

Everything starts with a click and creativity is something that can get you that first click. Click To Tweet


How Creative Digital Advertising Leads To Business Growth?

Creative digital advertising can be tailored according to your business goals. It can be used for –

  1. Increasing Brand Awareness
  2. Getting Brand Recognition
  3. Increasing Your Reach
  4. Gaining Competitive Edge
  5. Increasing Your Market Share
  6. Entering A New Market
  7. Earning Top-of-mind Share
  8. Changing Perception
  9. Managing Your Reputation
  10. Increasing Your Customer Base
  11. Improving Your Sales
  12. Skyrocketing Your Profits

For almost every business goal, creative digital advertising can be used.

What Are The Various Types Of Digital Advertising?

Digital advertising can be categorized based on various factors – goals, channels, and format. I like to categorize digital advertising based on its format.

Plain Text-based Digital Advertising

Audio Digital Advertising

Video Digital Advertising

Digital Banner Advertising

Combination of Digital Advertising

Interactive Digital Advertising


Plain Text-based Digital Advertising

These kinds of digital ads are plain text-based. For example, Google search ads and LinkedIn long post ads. Here the words are the power.

You have to figure out a way to please search and social media algorithms, and also be creative to make people click on your ad. Moreover, you need to think like an SEO expert and also like a copywriter to create the perfect digital ad.


Audio Digital Advertising

Like the name says, audio ads are voice-based rather than text-based. For example, Podcast ads are generally narrated by the podcaster.

Podcast ads need a great script to make sure listeners do not end up fast-forwarding the ad. As a matter of fact, humans can selectively listen to what they want and tune out to what they do not want to listen to. And you don’t want that to happen with your audio digital ads.

In addition, digital audio ads also need seamless integration with the digital channel being used. For this reason, audio digital ads need more creativity than plain text-based digital ads.


Video Digital Advertising

These are the video ads shown on a digital channel. For example, YouTube ads, video ads on social media channels, video ads on online magazines, or websites.

In this case, you can attract customers based on both visual and audio elements. This means you need creativity and a great strategy to design these digital ads. Another key point, the great video needs to be combined with a great script.

The most important thing to remember here is that most of the users keep their social media videos on mute.  In other words, these video ads need to be so engaging that it forces a viewer to unmute the video to listen.


Digital Banner Advertising

These are the ads that use graphics to grab your attention. You can also call them as image ads. For example, various types of social media ads and display ads. A great image with even greater text is what creates a great digital banner ad.


Interactive Digital Advertising

Sometimes just showing an ad is not enough. You want more from your customer. This is to say, you want them to interact with your brand.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can now provide more to a user than just a passive ad. This calls for interactive digital ads. These are also known as engagement ads or immersive ads.

Interactive digital ads are the digital ads that are reimagined to make users do more than just go to a website. To point out, these are the next generation of digital ads and are going to keep gaining popularity with time.

Furthermore, the aim of these ads is to help brands spend more time with their ideal customers. These ads are highly creative.

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What Are The Various Channels For Digital Advertising?

There are various digital channels, and so are the ways of advertising online. This helps in designing a great 360degree ad experience.

Advertising based on various channels can be –

  • Social Media Advertising
  • Search Engine Advertising
  • Website Advertising
  • Podcast Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Mobile Advertising
  • DOOH Advertising
  • Digital Billboard Advertising
  • Other Digital Channels


What Is Social Media Advertising?

Using social media channels like Facebook, Instagram to show ads to your audience is known as social media advertising. There are so many social media channels available and you can pick the best ones according to your target audience.

It includes –

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • LinkedIn Advertising
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Snapchat Advertising
  • TikTok Advertising
  • Viber Advertising


What Is Search Engine Advertising?

Search engine advertising is when you show your ads to your audience when they are actively searching for something on the search engines.

It includes –

  • Google Advertising
  • Bing Advertising
  • Yandex Advertising


What Is Website Advertising?

These are the ads that are shown on various websites in the form of display advertising or native advertising. Website advertising also involves online media buying to buy spots on popular websites and show ads.


What Is Podcast Advertising?

These are the ads that you come across while listening to podcasts. These are a type of digital audio ads.

What Is YouTube Advertising?

These are the video ads shown on YouTube when people are watching their favorite videos there.

What Is Mobile Advertising?

As people are spending more time on their mobile phones, showing ads specially designed for the mobiles can get you better results. For example, Google Map Ads, Apple Map Ads.

Not just these, there are various other channels that can be used for digital advertising like online discussion forums like Reddit, Quora.


What is Digital Out Of Home Advertising?

Digital Out Of Home Advertising or DOOH is OOH advertising combined with digital technology. These are the ads that are dynamically and digitally displayed in outdoor public spaces. For example, the ads that are displayed on the interactive kiosks with free public wifi.


What Is Digital Billboard Advertising?

Digital billboards are computer-controlled digital displays. Ads show there are known as digital billboard ads. Moreover, these ads are generally rotated every 6 to 8 seconds.


What Is a Digital Advertising Agency?

Digital ad agencies are also known by the names of digital media advertising agencies or online advertising agencies. Digital agencies help in planning, implementing, monitoring, and analyzing your entire digital advertising plans.

What Kind Of Digital Advertising Services Digital Ad Agencies Provide?

They take care of all your advertising needs. Given below are the few services they provide-

Ad Creation

From scriptwriting to art direction, they take care of everything. They even provide voiceover services and video production services based on your advertising needs.

Market Research

Many ad agencies provide even market research services. As advertising needs more than just creating an ad. The ad agency needs to figure out if the kind of message they are promoting in their ad will be effective or not and for that you need market research.

Media Buying

Digital Ad agencies also provide media buying services in addition to ad creation.

Ad Monitoring And Data Analysis

They also analyze how effective the ad was and how it performed. Any other valuable data gained through advertising are also generally shared with the clients.


Digital advertising is important. But what makes it effective is creative digital advertising.

Whatever your business goal is, digital advertising can help you achieve that. It helps in increasing your brand awareness which is the key to a successful business. Read- How To Craft Social Media Branding Strategies That Are Actually Effective?

There are various types of digital channels and all those channels can be utilized for displaying digital ads. According to our needs, we should choose the ones which will match our business goals.

Digital advertising needs more than just writing. It needs creativity and research combined in a great strategy. If you need help with your digital advertising, you can reach out to us and we can answer any doubts you have.

Creative Digital Advertising: Everything You Need To Know

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