Customer Driven Marketing: Time To Rethink Your Marketing Strategy



Let’s dig in Customer Driven Marketing as it’s going to be a year of customers.

To understand if your chosen marketing strategy is the right answer for a successful brand building, answer the following questions:

What’s the most important thing in your business? What’s the one thing your business can’t survive without?

Also, what’s the biggest strength of your business? What are your business goals?

If your business goal is increasing your sales, then you’re not building the base of a business that lasts.


A business does not grow because of its products, a business grows because of its customers - customers that love those products. And any business that realizes this on time can sail the ship to the banks of successful business growth. Click To Tweet


What Are The Elements Of Customer Driven Marketing Strategy?

Most noteworthy, powerful customer-focused marketing comprises of six elements.

  • Customer Driven Business Goals

Start by asking yourself if your business goals are customer-driven or not.

As your business goal shouldn’t be about how you want to make more products, expand to a newer market, or grow your profits.

All those are the wrong reasons to be in the business.

Your business goal should always be linked to your customers’ goals. You should always be thinking, ‘what else can I do to serve my customers? How can I solve their problems? How can I add value to their lives?’

The moment you will be able to align your business goals with the goals of your customers, you will be able to step up the first ladder of business growth.

Once your business revolves around your customers, sales and profits grow. Click To Tweet


  • Customer Driven Marketing Strategy

Once your customer-centered goals are in place, you are ready for the next step which is developing a customer-oriented strategy.

Whatever your marketing and advertising strategies are, rethink those to figure out how can you add more value to your customers’ lives.

Any business decision should have only one purpose which is to make the life of a customer easier. Moreover, it speeds up even your decision-making process.

If any business change will enrich the customer experience, customer satisfaction, or customer relationship, that change is good and should be implemented.


  • Customer Experience

As a business owner, always try to give the best customer experience. Every little detail about your business matters.

If you have ignored any area of your business because you found it unimportant, maybe you want to think about that again.

Important to realize, customer experience is not about what you find important, it’s about what your customers find important. 

If that small change you were ignoring for so long can add to the satisfaction and delight of your customers, maybe you should consider prioritizing it over all your other business plans.

Your goal should always be giving superior customer experience. If you think, at the moment, your customers’ emotions are anything lesser than the feeling of delight, you should restrategize.


  • Customer Engagement Driven

If you want to excel in customer experience, you have to increase your customer engagement.

The reason for that is when the customer interacts with your brand, it gives you many opportunities to understand better what your customers feel about your offerings.

Not just that, it even helps you in identifying all those business areas that can be improved but they never caught your attention.

Another point to remember, improved customer engagement leads to innovation.

And innovation is one of the crucial factors for achieving unbelievable long-term business growth.

Customer engagement marketing is the new way of marketing that focuses on building customer relations and improving customer retention. Click To Tweet


  • Customer Satisfaction Driven

Customer engagement helps you give a better customer experience. And better customer experience and positive customer engagement lead to customer satisfaction.

That’s why customer-oriented marketing doesn’t focus on spamming and manipulating a customer into buying your products. It focuses on customer satisfaction.

Cheap marketing tactics can help you make a sale to a customer one time. But continuous sales to the same customer comes from customer trust and customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is one of the most useful ways of increasing your profits and running a successful business.

It’s much profitable to make sales to the same customer, then to keep looking for new ones all the time.

Customer satisfaction will bring customer loyalty, which will bring repeat purchases along with long-term growth.


  • Customer Relationship Driven

The Internet has completely changed the way we run a business? Before the internet, a brand was just a brand – lifeless and unapproachable. At that time, it was tough for a brand to interact with its customers.

It limited its communication with its consumers through TV ads, radio ads, pamphlets, banners, and direct mails.

But, none of those channels provided a means for two-way communication.

But the internet changed that scenario completely. It provided all those customers a platform where they can express how they feel about a product.

From the era of one-way communication, we entered the era of two-way communication.

To point out, two-way communication doesn’t happen between a brand and a human, but it happens between a human and a human. So, with this realization, brands started becoming more and more human every day.

Your brand builds a stronger relationship when you give a chance to your customers to share their side of stories.

As a result, this leads to the process of customer relationship building and customer relationship management.




How Amazon Has Mastered The Customer Driven Marketing?


The brand that comes first to my mind when thinking about customer-driven marketing is Amazon.

Amazon built $1 Trillion worth empire (MarketWatch, Feb 2020) by using customer-driven marketing.

Jeff’s entire marketing strategy was based on improving customer value and relationships. Finally, it paid off. Within 2 years of their launch, their net worth skyrocketed to $150 million. Click To Tweet

So to improve customer experience, Amazon has never shied away from taking risks. This led to many cool innovations and ultimately, getting the majority of the market share.

Amazon made sure that its customers feel important and valued. And it made its customers the most important element of its business.

Moreover, it was the first one who provided the personalized experience to every shopper based on their browsing histories and provided the list of similar products based on their past purchases.

Also, because of its business goal to provide better customer experience, it led Amazon to listen to its customers and innovate. This led to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Amazon just focused on its customers; market share and profits followed that.



Your business exists because of your customers, not because of your product. Click To Tweet

All things considered, you should move from product-driven marketing to customer-driven marketing.

Customer-driven marketing leads to better customer engagement, customer relationships, and customer satisfaction.

As a result, the Customer churn rate goes down considerably and customer loyalty builds up.

We are here to help you adopt a customer-driven marketing strategy for your business. To learn more about how can it make a difference to your business, contact us.

Customer Driven Marketing: Time To Rethink Your Marketing Strategy

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