Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy: Achieve Extraordinary Business Growth


Customer engagement marketing strategyCustomer engagement marketing strategy is dependent on customer behavior which is always evolving.

Customer behavior is not what it used to be a decade ago, or even a year ago.

Some changes that you might have already noticed are –

Customers Are More Connected

Today’s customers are more connected. Thanks to all the social media networking sites. They can not just connect with their family and friends, but also with brands.

In other words, they can share their messages with the brands much faster than they were able to do in the past.

Customers Are More Informed

In addition, customers are becoming more and more informed. Google has brought all the information to the tips of customers’ fingers.

Now, they don’t have to go to a library to fact check or meet some experts in person to get all the answers.

All they have to do is search and the answers are right there in front of them on their screen. So, modern customers have more information and also access to information than they had in the past.

Customers Are More Empowered

Modern customers are more empowered. They are not the passive part of the businesses anymore.

On the other hand, they are active in shaping a brand, and other customers’ perspectives.

They have more power and more responsibilities.

First, they participate actively in informing others what they genuinely feel about a product and if the product has made any false claims.

Second, they feel the responsibility to change the brand in a way that is good for other customers and also the environment.

How a customer who is more connected, informed and empowered can be engaged by a business is what I am planning to discuss today. Let’s start.

Customer engagement

What Is Customer Engagement?

Customer engagement happens when brands share deep and meaningful conversations with customers.

This is the process of transforming customers from passive watchers to active participants.


What Is Digital Customer Engagement?

The process of engaging customers interactively and deeply on digital channels like social media, email, website, etc. is famous as digital customer engagement.

Meaningful engagement on social media comes from more than just posting content.

Digital customer engagement focuses more on customer experience and engagement and not on interruption.

The entire process is about how to artfully use all the digital platforms to start a conversation and build a customer-brand relationship.


What Is A Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy?

The customer engagement strategy is a marketing strategy that aims at generating real interest of customers in a brand and then engaging those interested customers in a genuine conversation.

customer engagement strategy

What Is A Great Customer Engagement Strategy?

A customer engagement strategy has many goals to achieve and consist of various important elements. Here are a few of them –

Brands As Conversation Topics

The most important part of any customer engagement strategy is to make brands a part of customers’ lives.

It should be a common topic of conversation among them as any of their other day-to-day activities. Just like Facebook is!

People talk about Facebook almost every day, it’s like one of their favorite topics just like dating, food, and newly released movies.

Influencing Each Other

A good marketing strategist will know that brands and customers are both dependent on each other.

They are not just connected with each other, but they both are also influencing and shaping each other’s behaviors.

Brands play an important role in bringing changes in the culture and in the society. Click To Tweet

So, they have always played an important part in influencing the behavior of customers.

Customers, on the other hand, influence a brand by making them more aware of what they need and what they don’t.

Thus, shaping the brand and evolving a brand in tune with their needs.

The Law Of Attraction

Just like any other thing, even marketing follows the law of attraction.

A good customer engagement strategy always focuses more on attraction rather than an interruption on intrusion.

You have to start by attracting your customers to you and winning them over.

This attraction is not earned by stealing customers’ attention.

On the contrary, it is earned when customers notice you because of the type of customer experiences and customer values you provide.

Interactive Content and Advertising

Interactive advertising is a great way of starting conversations with customers.

These kinds of advertising are still gaining popularity and they have proved really helpful in increasing the custom-brand conversation for State Farm, Apple, Burger King, and many other brands.

User-Generated Marketing

Users are creating content every moment. They are posting on social media.

They are sharing their reviews of restaurants they have tried, apparel they have bought, and travels they have taken.

Many of these users have blogs where they are creating content non-stop.

They are also parts of communities like Reddit and other groups and they share their opinions about everything including your brand and their experience of it.

The important point to remember here is that this user-generated content is also shaping the brand experiences of other customers.

That’s why it becomes a must to incorporate user-generated content as a part of your marketing strategy.

A user-generated marketing strategy is the one that uses user-generated content to shape a brand and develop the interest of other customers in it.

It is also famous as customer-influenced marketing.

Many brands are using it to get product improvement ideas directly from their target audience. While many others are using it to build a brand community.

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customer engagement insights

How To Find Insights From Customer Engagement Analytics?

An important question that always comes to business owners’ minds is what are some good customer engagement metrics.

The answer is there are not some fixed metrics that you can check on every platform to get the exact idea of customer engagement.

Here are a few things you should remember –

Different Metrics For Different Channels

Customer engagement metrics will change according to the platform you are using.

On YouTube, the time of video views might be an important metric but on Twitter, it can be how many positive retweets and mentions a post generated.

Don’t Ignore Vanity Metrics

Vanity metrics matter as well. Many data gurus have said that vanity metrics like views, sessions, followers, etc. are all vanity metrics and they don’t give us many insights.

I, on the other hand, believe that many of these vanity metrics, when combined with other metrics, show us a complete picture and sometimes generate unimaginably valuable insights.

For example, follower count might not be an important metric for many but it still gives you an insight into your audience type.

It helps you find out who exactly can your customers be and who is not your target audience. It also tells you about your engagement rate.

Create Your Own Metric

Sometimes, you have to create your own metric and not be dependent on the metrics provided by the digital platform.

Every business has different goals and thus, comes the need for custom metrics to measure the exact results.

So, having a keen interest in data and mathematics, I come up with my own formulae for analyzing the performance and measuring the goals. You can do the same as well.

As engagement is measured by different things on different channels, the metric for measuring that should also change.

Customer engagement marketing strategyWhat Are Customer Engagement Companies?

Customer engagement companies provide customer engagement marketing and user-generated marketing solutions to brands.

They will start by working on a brand story and defining the brand culture. Later, those things will be present in the customer engagement marketing strategy.

From generating customer-brand conversations to digging up helpful, customer engagement insights, a customer engagement agency like Bizadmark will take care of everything for you.

Customer engagement marketing strategy


The digital world has changed customer behavior a lot. They are no longer inactive and uninformed.

Engaging customers into meaningful conversations can help a brand a long way than any other business strategy.

Customer engagement is not restricted to just one digital channel. You have to make sure that all the channels are made a part of the customer engagement strategy.

Another key point, customer engagement analytics is way more important than what you think. It’s responsible for defining the path of most of your business strategies.

More tips and tricks on how you can win your customers are shared in our emails, remember to subscribe to that. After all, it’s empowering to be informed.

Customer Engagement Marketing Strategy: Achieve Extraordinary Business Growth

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