Why Shouldn’t You Choose Clickbait ? The Dark Side Of Clickbaits

In this article, we will be reviewing all about why shouldn’t you choose clickbait and focus on the dark side of it. The dark sides of click bates have all the abandoned websites that no one visits. 

Before moving to a full-fledged discussion about the dark side of clickbait.

Let’s have a brief overview of what all we will be covering today.

Ready? Let’s begin. 

why shouldn’t choose clickbait

The Growing World of Scary & Dark Clickbaits

As the digital world and the opportunities that come with it grow in size and reach, click baits have become more prominent and present.

And while many are of the belief that clickbait will actually increase their reach and get them the conversions they desire.

That may not be the case.

More often than not click baits may get you in trouble and push your potential customers further away from you.

We will reveal it all. But first, let’s understand what clickbait entails. 

What is Clickbait?

Let’s take an example. I’m sure many of you have experienced this. So, you’re scrolling through a website, you spot a link preview. It has a very catchy headline like


  1. How this girl in Mississipi burnt her belly fat overnight. 
  2. Grow your lost hair overnight. Apply the 4th point immediately. 
  3. This student ate 3kg of washing powder. When asked why? Her answer shocked us. 
  4. Hi, I am alone in your area. Let’s meet. My husband is out of town. 
  5. A mother in Berlin gave birth to an alien. (6th Picture gives us chills)
  6. The reason why this 12-year-old kid carries a gun in his school bag will make you cry.
  7. When she came back home, she was scared to see this creature sleeping on her sofa. 

and the list goes on.

Then, there’s a small preview, which will again be incredibly catchy and increase your intrigue.

Then you’ll be wanting to click on the link to know more. 

That’s where things get messy.

Once you click on the link you realize it’s mostly filled with advertising pop-ups, low-quality articles, and even malicious and even pornographic content.

So there you’re.

Successfully clickbaited.


why shouldn’t choose clickbait

Why Does Clickbait Exist?

Well to answer this simply, it exists to generate advertising revenue and a lot of it.

If used carefully and in limits, click baits may actually help drive traffic to your website. 

While many legitimate and genuine businesses may use clickbait productively to drive traffic to their website, overdoing it can have a negative effect.

If you lure a potential customer with a catchy headline and give them low or poor quality content, it will put them off. 

Now let’s understand the dark side of clickbait. 


The Dark Side of Clickbait 

While many clickbait may provide actual informative and genuine content, there are many that don’t.

Especially now in today’s world when everything is available in one click, malicious activities have taken a hike too.

Moreover, some of clickbait’s main agenda isn’t marketing anything. Instead, they spread links that include scams, spam, and malicious content.

Adding fuel to the fire, some hackers will make a link in such a manner that some surveillance software will be automatically installed to your device as soon as you click on it.

This means, your sensitive information may be compromised.

you shouldn’t choose clickbait

Why is Clickbait Not The Right Choice? 

Even though it may seem like a very compelling and easy option to generate web traffic, clickbait stores a demon underneath all that glamour. Be scared of it, be very scared of it. Click To Tweet

You must think twice, thrice, and one more time after that before really opting for a clickbait technique because of the following reasons. 

dark side of clickbait

Clickbait Will Deteriorate Customer Trust

Customers these days already have many options and not much patience. One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t choose clickbait.

In today’s world, creating a pleasant customer experience is an absolute must. 

So, if you produce a clickbait that’s misleading and filled with other clickable links will irritate your customers. 

End result?  They will leave, they will tell others about their experience and those potential customers will be long gone too. 

This will highly impact your revenue and might also take a deep sink. 

darkside of clickbait you shouldn't choose

Experience Trumps Hype

Clickbait is always a bad experience.

If we were a decade back, I would have definitely suggested hyping you and your product or service to create a buzz.

But now that doesn’t work.

This is an era of customer experience.

Creating worthy, unique, and stand apart customer experience will get you your traffic, conversions, and revenue. 

However, with clickbait in place, customer experience might become cumbersome, annoying and they may get put off by it. 

Clickbait will not only spread a negative word of mouth for your brand, but it will also take longer to revive yourself from that filthy online dump, where no one visits. Click To Tweet

So, which one will you choose? 


With Clickbait, Your Brand Image Will Not Last Long 

Now, with clickbait, you’re duping customers to get into something they might not need. 

This will backfire on your brand because ultimately you’re creating a hollow image of your brand. 

Moreover, one-time revenue may arrive for you, but in a longer perspective, you’ll lose. 

No one wants clickbait.

People are aware and aren’t naive anymore.

They do their research and they have very picky preferences.

And if their thought process doesn’t match yours. You’ll lose.


So, to Click or Not To Click? You Shouldn’t Choose Clickbait!

Well, I think you might have an answer by now, don’t you?

While it’s definitely an easier way to generate advertising revenue. 

Moreover, It also might be a gold mine for content creators to create catchy, intriguing, and exciting preview and headline content for luring customers.

Read- The easiest content marketing guide ever. 

However, the risks are far too much and overshadow the advantages that may be present. 

This is why you shouldn’t choose clickbait. But it’s your choice.

So decide.

How do you want to play this? Do you want easy short term revenues? Or do you want a long-lasting solid customer base?

The choice is always yours. 

If you still have questions about clickbait or anything relating to marketing or advertising you can always reach us. 

Also, if you have something to add or give valuable insights, we’re always ears. Give us your reason for why we shouldn’t choose clickbait.

Let us know in the comments below. 

Till then, be safe, aware, and vigilant. 

Why Shouldn’t You Choose Clickbait ? The Dark Side Of Clickbaits

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