Simple Revolutionary Digital Transformation Strategies For Your Dream Business

digital transformation

Nothing seems more challenging to business owners than the thought of figuring out the digital transformation strategies for their businesses.

Digital transformation strategies are also known as DT or DX.

First, it’s a scary word because it has ‘transformation’ in it.

Any kind of ‘transformation’ or ‘change’ is never easy.

As a change affects every aspect of your business.

Let the thought of transformation not scare you but encourage you to move away from the old way of doing business and adopting the new way of making changes in your customers’ lives.

You will find below the answers to all your digital transformation queries in a non-scary and non-confusing way.


Let’s start your journey of digital transformation.


What Is Digital Transformation?

As the name suggests, digital transformation means using digital technology to transform your business. Those digital changes are going to modify your current business processes or will end up creating a completely new set of business processes. Hence, it is also known as Digital Business Transformation.

By choosing digital transformation, you are finding new digital ways of providing value to your customers.  Above all, these changes will also improve the customer experience.

The process of digital transformation is not very easy all the time.  That is to say, many times those changes are needed in the culture, and cultural changes are considered as one of the toughest ones to achieve.

However, these tough cultural changes often lead to innovation.

Why Do I Need Digital Transformation?

Here are some important points to make you interested in the digital transformation of your business.

  • Changing Business Time

The way of doing business keeps evolving every day. The business processes you used yesterday are considered outdated today.

Under those circumstances, you can’t keep doing the business the way you were doing it earlier.

The point often overlooked, the market will change and so will the business with that. All you can do is prepare yourself for these changes and emerge out of it even stronger.


  • Competitive Edge

If your competitors have digitally transformed their business and you haven’t, you risk losing your customers to your competitors.

It happens most of the time, an early adopter of technology is not just able to wow its own customers but is also able to win its competitors’ customers.


  • Business Survival and Growth

You don’t have to live in the tension of if your customers are going to stick with you if you don’t make the digital changes.

By the way, the answer to this question is NO.

You must have read stories of many businesses being wiped off the market because of their inability to change according to the changing times.

Not just business survival, timely digital transformation strategies can also lead to business growth.


  • Customer Retention

Digital transformation is all about how you are going to engage customers, how you are going to provide them a better experience, and how are you going to keep delighting them.

You are not opting for digital transformation because it’s good for your business. You are opting for digital transformation because it’s good for your customers. Click To Tweet

To demonstrate, if your customers are spending the majority of their time on their mobile phones, from socializing to shopping, then you can’t risk not giving a world-class mobile shopping experience for your product to your customers.


How To Create A Simple Digital Transformation Strategy?

If you’re starting a new business right now, then you don’t have to start it the old ways and then move to the digital world.

You can straightaway jump to the stage of the digital transformation of your business.

To explain, you don’t have to opt for direct mail as a promotion strategy and then move to email marketing, you can directly start with email marketing.


Below are the points you should keep in mind while forming your digital business transformation strategy.


  • Focus On Customers

When the time comes to form the base of your digital transformation strategies, remember that the foundation of any good business strategy is always its customers.

With this intention, think about how can you add value to each and every customer interaction you get?

How can you add value to your customers’ lives? How can you create a better customer experience?


  • Think Like A Customer

From time to time, we make this mistake of generalizing human behavior based on our own needs and personality. 

For instance, if you don’t like Tesla cars, you should not make the mistake of translating it as no one else does as well.

Similarly, if you don’t shop on your mobile phones doesn’t instantly mean that no one else also.

For this reason, make sure that you start the process by getting proper digital transformation consulting from a digital agency like Bizadmark.


  • Right Digital Transformation Goal

Make sure that your simple digital transformation strategies are not disrupting your user’s experience but they are making it better.

Customer experience needs to be smooth. Your customers, when shopping digitally, should feel like they are buying the product from your real physical store. The only difference they can tell is that it is a thousand times better, if not the same.

For example, if you have an assistant in your brick and mortar, remember to have a digital assistant for your digital store aka website.


  • Efficiency

One of the important results you want to achieve from your digital transformation strategy is speed.

To put it another way, you don’t want to continue doing the same thing you were doing earlier but digitally.

You want to do it better and faster.

Do you remember the real shopping experience? It takes too much time to find the right product, followed by the wait time in a queue of other customers to make the payment.

On the digital platform, you can easily search what you are looking for and you don’t have to even wait in any queue.  To sum up, this shows a real digital transformation strategies benefit.


What Kind Of Digital Transformation Solutions Do I Need?

It depends on your business completely and where you stand in the digital world.

There is a long list of digital transformation solutions.

Not to mention, the number of these solutions go up as your company gets bigger.

Bigger organizations are made up of many business processes that require more solutions.

Given below are few digital transformation solutions that you can choose from if you haven’t already implemented those –


  • Website For Digital Transformation

Most of the companies already have websites. If you are a small business owner and still operating your business the old traditional way or if you are starting a new business, having a website should be your top priority.

In general, the first thing you do when you start a business is building a store.

Similarly, the first thing when you decide to digitally transform your business should be to build a website.


  • Social Media For Digital Transformation

When I talk of social media for digital transformation, I don’t mean posting content on your social media channels.

I mean how can that platform be used to improve the experience of your customers without interfering with their social activities.

As a small business owner, you can focus on building a better social media strategy, social media calendar, and social media analysis.

If you are a bigger company you can add social monitoring and social listening tools in your social media strategy.

email marketing


  • Email Marketing

Direct mail is not so effective as we are learning with time. It goes in the trash most of the time.

Most of the building owners even provide a trash can next to the mailbox so their residents can throw away all these promotional materials right away.

In these scenarios, still not moving to the digital way of doing direct mail is not a very efficient way of doing business.

That’s why, if you have not yet started email marketing make sure to add in your digital transformation solutions you need.


  • Digital Advertising

    1. TV advertising has become video and YouTube advertising.
    2. Billboard advertising has become digital billboard advertising.
    3. Word of mouth has become social media advertising.
    4. Radio advertising has become Podcast advertising.

Even though advertising has transformed into another way of digital advertising, old ways of advertising still exist and work.

The point often overlooked is that the two forms of advertising work better together. As can be seen, it has given rise to interactive advertising.

Web interactive ads will encourage you to visit a store and store interactive ads will encourage you to visit a business website. Click To Tweet

The digital advertising business solutions also vary according to the size of the company.

If you are a small company, you can focus on search advertising, display advertising, and others.

However, if you are a big company you need programmatic advertising, interactive advertising, and improved ad performance measurement tools.


  • Artificial Intelligence

If you’re a big company, you should consider using artificial intelligence wherever you can to improve your customers’ experience.

From AI-powered online chat services to AI-powered customer behavior predictive analysis, you can use it in most of your business areas to bring a real digital business transformation.


  • Digital Material

A business deals with lots of print materials including sales brochures, pamphlets, posters, and others.

With digital transformation, your goal should be to switch to digital materials wherever you can. It will reduce your business cost and will speed up your decision-making process.


  • Others

The world of digital transformation is very fast. It includes a lot of other things that can be done in a business.

You can add auto-reminder services to your Twitter-like Apple did. You can use 3D technologies and virtual reality to improve performance.

To figure out that, you can start by having digital transformation consulting with an experienced digital agency like Bizadmark.



A healthy business change means happy customers.

If the number of your happy customers isn’t going up, that means you are doing something incorrectly.

The purpose of digital transformation is not to make your business more complex and tougher.

Conversely, digital transformation is here to make your business easier for you and your customers.

Changes need time and proper information.

Once you are informed and have the right tools, you will find the entire process of digital transformation very helpful and useful.

What was the toughest area of digital transformation for your business?

Let us know in the comments and we can make that a topic for our next blog.


Simple Revolutionary Digital Transformation Strategies For Your Dream Business

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