Online Content Marketing – Easiest Guide Ever

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With a coffee in my hand, I was thinking whether every business owner is aware of this very effective business growth strategy known as “Online Content Marketing.”

Even many decades ago, content marketing has always been a part of a business’ marketing strategy. The only difference was it was not famous by this name earlier.

It was a part of other marketing strategies without having its own identity.  

Let’s first dig into the definition of online content marketing so you can understand what I mean when I say that the concept of online content marketing is not new. It was always there, just disguised.


What’s online content marketing?


Whenever you want to understand any concept, try to split it into single words and then understand the meaning of those words – in isolation and also in combination.


Online Content Marketing = Online + Content + Marketing


Meaning of individual words ->


Online = Digital Medium or Internet

Content = Text, Images, Videos, etc..

Marketing = Developing interest of your target audience in your products to generate leads or increase sales


Meaning when combined ->


Using content to develop the interest of your target audience in your products to generate leads or increase sales. That content can be in any form and on any channel.


That was easy.


What are the content marketing examples?


Content marketing is present everywhere. In whatever direction you will look, you will find content marketing examples.

Offline content marketing examples


Brochures, pamphlets, direct mails, newspaper ads, magazine ads, TV ads, radio ads, and many others. 


All these have some form of content – text, audio, video which is being used by a company to develop an interest of the audience in their products or services.


Online Content Marketing Examples


The internet is full of content marketing. This blog I am writing is an example of content marketing. Your website is another example of content marketing.

Not just that, those million emails you receive every day, social media memes you enjoy, YouTube videos you watch, Instagram posts you love scrolling – everything nothing but content marketing. 


In conclusion, Now you must get an idea of how content marketing is being used in every aspect of your business.

Why does online content marketing work?


We have already seen that content-based marketing has always been around. So, it works, otherwise, we would have got rid of it like any other old and orthodox ideas. 


Online content marketing works because it’s education-based marketing. 


What is education-based marketing?


Education-based marketing means educating your customers or prospects about your products or services to ease their decision-making process.

This helps your customers in learning more about you and figuring out whether there is a match between what they want and what you’re offering. 


Now, coming back to online content marketing. The digital world is very crowded, and there is an endless supply of content.

Every user is coming across various forms of data every minute.

What your role as a business owner is to give your customers access to the right content so they can easily decide.

How does online content marketing help my business?


There are many reasons how content-based marketing can grow business. Here are the main points –

  • It helps in developing interest of your customer into your products
  • Customer prefer you over your competitors
  • The user learns more about your company and your products.
  • Finding the match between customer needs and your products.
  • Customers make their decision faster.
  • It helps in reducing the post-purchase behavior of feeling dissatisfied with their recent purchase.


How does online content marketing help a B2B company?


Online content marketing is one of the best marketing strategies a B2B company can use. For making B2B decisions, education and information is power. B2B clients don’t decide so fast because most of the B2B purchase decisions involve

  • Expensive products or services
  • Infrequent purchase
  • Employee training
  • The adaptability of the team


For expensive, one time decisions, a person thinks a lot. Imagine what you did when you bought your home.

You must have read many articles, explored the neighborhood, asked many families and friends and did many other things before reaching the decision. 


The same is the problem with B2B companies. They have to think of a step extra. Therefore, they have to even take into consideration whether their employees can adapt easily if they take your services. 


For such tough decision making, education-based marketing in the form of online content marketing becomes your main tool.

Therefore, it can help your customer understand that your product matches their need, it’s easy to use, their team can easily adapt, and if nothing works, you are always there to take care of any issue,


How does online content marketing help a B2C company?


It can help a B2C company to develop the interest of its customers in their products, to educate them about the superiority of their products over others and to build brand loyalty.

What are some of the easiest online content marketing strategies?


Strategy 1: Content-Based On Customer Journey


This is the most important tip that can help your business grow. You should always show content based on the stage of the customer journey. 


There are four stages any user goes through before becoming your customer. These are –

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Comparison
  • Decision 


Online Content Marketing For Awareness Stage


When a user is in this stage, it means they know nothing about your product or service.

Most times, they don’t even know about your industry.

Content at this stage will focus on making your target audience more aware of your existencewho you are? What products do you sell? How those products can help them and why?


Online Content Marketing For Consideration Stage


If a user reaches this stage, it means that the user knows about that product but is still considering whether to buy.

Content at this stage needs to be more about the features of your products, the benefits of your products and how your products will solve your users’ problems.


Online Content Marketing For Comparison Stage


When a user reaches this stage, it means that he/she has finally bought the product, but they are now thinking of who.

Content at this stage needs to show your competitive edge over others.

It needs to talk about how you are different from your competitors, what is your unique selling proposition or what makes you so special and different from others.


Online Content Marketing For Decision Stage


At this stage, the user has bought the product from you. The content at all those three earlier stages worked, and that’s why they are here at the final stage.

Even when a user has become your customer, content marketing never stops.

Content at this stage should be all about reducing their post-purchase behavior and increasing their brand of loyalty towards you. The content should tell them they have made the right decision and you are still here to help them out.


Strategy 2: Education-based Content


Your content should always focus on educating your customers and not on selling to them.

Users are very smart, and they don’t like to be misled. They like to know.

That’s why the purpose of your online content marketing should always be to make your customer a better-informed buyer who knows that your product is the one that they need. 


Strategy 3: Focus On All The Channels


There are many digital channels. Social media, emails, newsletters, blogs, online advertising, and many others.

A user does not always go to one digital channel and becomes your customers.

What I mean is that a user won’t go to only your website and make a purchase.

She might go to your website, then to your social media, then to your blog and finally sees your online ad.

After covering this long path of discovery, she ends up making a purchase.

There can be many such paths. You can’t define their path, nor can you control how they make their purchase decision.


That’s why you must focus on all the digital channels and use those for content marketing.

Make sure that the message being conveyed is consistent.

You can’t send awareness stage content in an email and then show a decision content in an ad to your audience.

This won’t bring you any good results.

What are the various online channels for online content marketing?

Every digital channel, when combined with strong online marketing strategies can help a business grow dramatically. 


What is social media content marketing?


Social media is a very effective lead generation channel.

Everyone is there and is spending a lot of time-consuming various types of content. Some of that content can be about your product. 

There are so many social media channels and every social channel needs different social media content marketing.

We can use YouTube for video content like tutorials, how to use your product guides, etc..

Instagram can humanize your brand with great image and text content. Similarly, LinkedIn is a place where long-form content gives better results. 

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What is SEO content marketing?


Content marketing is especially helpful in bringing up your Google and other search engines ranking.

In conclusion, good quality content can tell users that your content is more useful to all those users searching about your products rather than your competitors. 


If more users consume your content, more Google will start showing the same content to new users looking for similar products. This can not just increase your web traffic but also your sales.


What is email content marketing?


If you open your email, you will find so many emails there – emails thanking you for your purchase, emails about product updates, email about product benefits, emails about promotional offers and countless more.

All these are great examples of how to use content marketing for emails.

Whether a user opens your email is the difference between effective and strategic online content marketing and just content marketing.


What is website content marketing?

You can bring a user to your website, but can you convert that user to your customer? The answer is yes if you are doing website content marketing. 


Similarly, website content marketing helps in clearing all the doubts a user has about your product and company.

In other words, This clears all the obstacles a user was having, which stopped him from making a purchase. 


For effective website content marketing, focus on –

  • Providing complete information
  • Great landing page experience
  • Clear and non-confusing message

What is online content management? 

However, Online content management has many layers. Let’s peel one layer at a time. 


Updating Content


You can’t just create content and then forget about it. Make sure we update it according to the current time and trends.

Things change so fast, which can make many of your content obsolete.

That’s why once in a while go back to your old content and check if everything still applies. 


Recycling Content


If there is a piece of content that is not useful to you anymore, instead of discarding it, you can just recycle it.

Isn’t that the motto of our current times? Reduce, reuse and recycle. However, This applies to even content marketing. 

Reduce – Reduce creating unnecessary content. It won’t reach your audience and will just end up getting lost in the dark.

Reuse – If you can reuse an old content that generated results for you, do it.

Recycle – Recycle old content according to the current times.


Consistent Branding


Online content management also means that we are making sure that the brand image is consistent on every platform.

In other words, Your content can’t have a brand voice appealing to millennials at one place and baby boomers at another place.

What do online content marketing companies do?

Online content marketing companies like Bizadmark help in every stage of your content marketing. Here are the four major aspects they take care of for you.

Content Marketing Strategy

This is the most important step out of all the steps.

This is also something that can help you differentiate between various content marketing agencies and finding the right one for your business.

At Bizadmark, we focus on both data and creativity.

We listen to data, and we never forget creativity.

We believe that right now when the internet is over-flooded with data, not just any content can help your business grow.

The only thing that has set apart a business from others in the past and can even do now is creativity. 

Content Creation

Every digital channel needs a different content. One channel might need long-form posts while another one engaging long videos.

In other words, Right content creation can define the success of your online content marketing strategy.

Content Promotion

If the content is good, but it doesn’t reach anyone, is it still considered useful to a business?

Definitely no! That’s a content marketing company should also focus on content promotion.

Content Distribution

Many content marketing companies also provide the service of content distribution to increase your reach and visibility.

Content Management

It includes timely content updates and recycling, so your content always stays fresh and keeps generating results for you.




Content marketing was always a part of marketing strategies. All we have done is just transferred those strategies from offline marketing channels to online marketing channels.


Online content marketing is very effective because it makes your customers educated about your product and its benefits.

It helps both B2B and B2C companies. This marketing strategy has always produced results. 


In conclusion, We have to make sure that our content is very informative and useful to our audience and it doesn’t end up becoming noise on the internet.


How you are using content marketing for your business?

Online Content Marketing – Easiest Guide Ever

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