#5 Eccentric Social Media Challenges Of All Times

In this article, we will explore some of the most eccentric social media challenges of all time. 

We all know social media is a funny place. It hosts all kinds of creative, witty, beautiful, hard-hitting, emotional, and every other kind of content as we see it today. 

As the barriers between the worlds have reduced to almost nothing thanks to social media, many people have come up with various challenges over the course of years that went absolutely viral for all the right reasons. Click To Tweet

Call it funny, stupid, awesome, creative, or any other thing you like.

These challenges have made it to your feed and have kept you hooked for a little while if not much.

As they say, love it or hate it but you simply can’t ignore it right?

So here we see some of the most eccentric social media challenges of all time. 

These few are some of my personal favorites. Ready? Let’s begin. 

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

No social media challenge is complete without the mention of this famous ice bucket challenge that took place in 2014.

Raising awareness for ALS, this simple challenge involved pouring a bucket of ice water over yourself.

It was such a global phenomenon that celebrities as huge as Benedict Cumberbatch took part in it. 

Moreover, it not only raised awareness and funds for people fighting ALS.

It brought the world just a little closer. 

The Mannequin Challenge 

Another viral sensation that took social media by storm was this mannequin challenge.

What did you have to do? Simple. A bunch of people had to remain frozen like a mannequin while a moving camera took their shot.

And there was a piece of music playing that was mostly “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd.

Needless to say, it broke the internet in 2016. And remains one of the most eccentric social media challenges of all time.

The Chewbacca Challenge 

This was another masterpiece in the social media challenge world. 

To promote star wars. Disney along with Todd Perelmuter of Bizadmark came up with the Chewbacca challenge where people had to do their best Chewbacca impression. 

Hilarious, funny, and eccentric social media challenge. This one won people VIP passes to Disneyland. 

Win-win, right? 

The KIKI Challenge 

Now, this one is a little out there but it can’t be ignored. 

It all started with Drake’s song “In My Feelings” and soon, people were jumping out of a moving car pretending to make a love heart and driving a car.

Sounds crazy, right? Well, not to many people apparently.

It was another viral sensation that took the Internet by storm and in hindsight also promoted the song. 

The Bottle Flip Challenge

2016 was the year of many amazing social media challenges, this one was another gold that it gave us.

It was simple, sweet, and incredibly awesome.

It involved throwing a plastic bottle filled with liquid up in the air with an attempt to land it upright on the surface. 

Needless to say, it hit the social media and everyone wanted to get it right.

Even Ellen Degeneres can you imagine? 

Full points again!


So here they are. Some of the most eccentric social media challenges that I personally enjoyed bearing witness to. 

As social media impact grows more and more, many more challenges will come in the future. Click To Tweet

Are you ready to be a part of those?

Let us know in the comments below. 


#5 Eccentric Social Media Challenges Of All Times

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