21 Important Facebook Advertising Questions Answered

Facebook advertising

Facebook advertising service is a section of Facebook marketing but generally not every marketing agency takes care of this for you. In this guide, you will learn all the details about Facebook advertising and what differentiates good Facebook business ads from bad Facebook ads. Here we have 21 Facebook advertising services questions answered. 


Let’s learn more about it.

Facebook advertising FAQ

Q1: What Is Facebook Advertising?

Before answering that, let’s see what the two words it is made up of mean.

Q2: Understanding what Is Facebook?

Facebook is a social networking website where people socialize with other people and share pictures and videos with them.

It allows you to send friend requests to others and accept other people’s friend requests sent to you. Once you both are connected, you can see what each other has to share. 

Facebook for business uses a Facebook page rather than a Facebook personal profile.

There are few similarities but also many differences in how Fb pages and profiles work. 

The main similarity is that both let us connect with the people but the major difference lies in how we are connected.

Facebook profile is a two-way relationship. One sends a request, the other accepts it and now both can see each other’s profiles.

On the other hand, in the case of a Facebook page, a fan likes your page (not sends a friend request).

Now he can see your page but you can’t. You can say it is a one-way connection.

Maybe that’s why it needs extra efforts while advertising to attract those people to form this type of connection with your brand.

Q3: What Is Advertising?

Advertising is how you get your message across to your audience.

It’s the process of creative communication which makes your customers aware of your product’s unique value. 

Not just making your products desirable to your audience, advertising also builds a unique connection between those two. 

And this connection is what is responsible for increasing your sales.

This will make sure that your customers never forget about you. 

Also, it will make them prefer you over others and build their loyalty to you.

Q4: Why Should You Advertise On Facebook?

Let’s start with facts –

Facebook has 2.37 billion users.

Out of this, Over 1.49 billion are daily active users.

Not only this, Facebook adds 500,000 new users every day.

Moreover, 26.3% of the online population is using Facebook.

These numbers tell us about the popularity of this social networking website.

An ad there can help us reach those 2.37 billion people.

A reach like that is not possible unless and until you are doing a worldwide TV campaign.

Having created ads for most of the Fortune 500 companies, this is something I have learned as a Madison Avenue Adman – You go wherever your audience is. 

Earlier, we were spending a lot of time on TV and TV advertising started booming.

Now, we are spending most of our time on Facebook, and with that, the importance of Facebook advertising is rising.

facebook ad types

Q5: What Types Of Facebook Ads Are There?

Facebook ads can be categorized based on various factors.

It itself categorizes them on the basis of your business goal which can be –


As the name suggests, you are trying to increase brand awareness of your products here.

You want to reach as many people as you can with your ad and want them to learn more about you. 

These are the kinds of ads you should do in the first stage of customer acquisition. 

I have worked with many clients who had a tough time understanding the importance of these.

Every one of them wanted to jump directly to the third goal of conversion. 

Every ad type is done for a purpose and as a business owner, you should pay attention to that.

You can’t make a person buy an unknown product that he has never even heard of.

Conversion will be a faraway thing, you might end up just annoying your possible customers and scaring them away.

That’s why you have to run ads reflecting the right goal. If you have a new product, you want to start with a brand awareness ad so people know you and your products better. 

These can again be categorized into three categories which are –

  • Brand awareness
  • Local awareness
  • Reach


Once your targeted audience becomes aware of your product, they will start developing interest in it. Once they develop interest, they will start considering your product. 

This is the second stage of your customer acquisition cycle. At this stage, you run Facebook social ads with ‘consideration’ as your business goal.

These can be further categorized into the following categories. 

  • Traffic to your website
  • Engagement
  • Post likes
  • Post engagement
  • Offer claims
  • Event responses
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messenger Ads


Once you have crossed both the above stages, you are ready for the third one which is conversion.

What does this imply? Your audience knows about your product. They have also considered buying your product. 

All they need now is a little push that can help them make this decision faster. So, you run some Facebook conversion ads.

These can be further categorized into –

  • Conversions
  • Product Catalog Sales
  • Store visits (limited availability)
  • Facebook ads can also be categorized based on their formats.  

Facebook video ad

Q6: What Is A Facebook Video Ad?

As the attention span of the users is becoming shorter and shorter, video ads are gaining more popularity.

They are also more engaging as both the visual and auditory senses are involved. 

This ad type can be used for brand awareness, app installs, reach, traffic, conversions, lead, video views, and engagement ads.

Many of these ads play without any sound first unless the Facebook user has other settings. Consequently, these ads demand extra creativity.

These ads need to be equally engaging even without audio.

Not just that, it should also make users curious and lead them to unmute the ad.

Q7: What Is A Facebook Photo Ad?

The image forms an important part of these ads.

These images combined with killer heading and engaging descriptions to make an impact.

Also, these ads are used as a part of other ads like Facebook lead generation ads and Facebook carousel ads.

Even though the name gives the impression that these are the easiest ad type but they are not.

Imagine them as another form of billboard advertising.

You must be seeing many billboards every day but how many of those actually caught your attention?

Maybe 1 out of 100. Maybe 0 out of 100. 

This is the reason that you can’t take a photo ad lightly.

They need to be catchy, attention-grabbing, and extremely engaging.

Q8: What Is A Facebook Slideshow Ad?

As the name implies, these ads are made up of many images shown in the form of a slideshow. These ads can be used to share a story.

Q9: What Is A Facebook Carousel Ad?

These are the Facebook ads that show 3 to 5 images/videos.

All these photos and videos have their own headings, short descriptions, and even a call to action.

These ads are horizontally scrollable on desktop and vertically on mobile.

You can use these ads to show all the details of a product.

You can also use these when you want to share a product story and it needs at least 3 images to tell that.

facebook dynamic ad

Q10: What Is A Facebook Dynamic Ad?

These were earlier known as dynamic product ads.

They connect your store’s product catalog to Facebook.

These are a kind of retargeted form of advertising.

If anyone goes to your website, checks out your products (let’s say dresses), and then goes to Facebook, these ads will start showing.

The best part, these ads are personalized. So, they have higher chances of winning over your lost customers.

Q11: What Is A Facebook Lead Ad?

These ads help in building an email list of leads for your business.

This ad helps your prospect to sign up if they find your product interesting with very little effort.

They are not even required to leave Facebook as they form to collect data on Facebook and not on your website.

It is a good and fast way of building a list. But as the users have not left Facebook and visited your website, it will need extra efforts to convert them from leads to customers.

The effectiveness of these ads is very much dependent on good graphics, good messages, and good execution.

To increase the result rate, you should include a creative agency to work with you on this.

Q12: What Is A Facebook Canvas Ad?

These ads are only available for the mobile news feed. These are interactive ads and are meant to increase the engagement of a product with its users.

Your audience can zoom in and zoom out your products.

The most important part is that these ads load ten times faster than other ads.

You get a full-screen experience of a product on mobile phones.

You also get an interactive as well as immersive product experience.

These are mainly used for brand awareness and web traffic.

Q13: What Is A Facebook Collection Ad?

As the name suggests, you can show the collection of your products.

It generally shows one large image and many small images below it.

You will help your audience to browse and discover your products in an easier way.

These ads can also be categorized based on their platforms –

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Audience Network
  • Messenger

facebook ad campaign

Q14: How Are Facebook Ad Campaigns Different From Other Ads?

Every advertising channel is unique and ads are according to that.

Google advertising targets in-market and highly qualified leads.

These are the people who are actively looking for your products.

Facebook business advertising is a little different.

The users present there are not looking for any product.

They are using that channel to socialize with people and relax. Whatever ads will be shown on this channel are going to be interrupting a user’s flow for sure. 

All you have to do is to keep that interruption to a minimum. Try to integrate your product advertising on Facebook as seamlessly as you can. It should appear as a part of their news feed. 

Q15: What Kind Of Ads Work Best On Facebook?

Though it actually depends on your business goal, I favor video ads a lot.

Videos are gaining popularity and they are better at gaining your customers’ attention than other formats.

I am sure that other Facebook advertising experts will also agree with me on this

According to Social Media Today study, four times as many customers would rather watch a video about your product than read about it.

Q16: How To Advertise On Facebook?

You have taken the right decision if you have decided to advertise with Facebook.  Here is what you have to do –

  • Choose your business objective
  • Name your campaign
  • Setup your Facebook ad account
  • Target your audience
  • Defining the target audience needs proper market research. (Your Facebook ad will only be effective if you are showing the right ad message to the right people.)
  • Choose your Facebook ad placements
  • Next, choose a device type
  • Then, choose a platform
  • Also, choose placements
  • Choose specific mobile devices and operating systems
  • Set up your budget and schedule
  • Create your ad

You might be required to work with a creative agency who can do more than just combining images and videos with text.

You need somebody who can strategize and design the kind of message that will make the most impact, in a format that will grab the most eyeballs.


Facebook common mistakes

Q17: What Are Some Common Facebook Advertising Mistakes?

The ease with which the ads can be created on Facebook makes a business owner take these ads not very seriously.

This many times leads to an ineffective ad creation that is not able to match up with your goals. 

Mistake 1: Ineffective Advertising

Facebook advertising is still a form of advertising and advertising is more than just an image with some text. 

If you are in the US, you must be seeing around 4,000 to 10,000 ads every day. 

How many ads can you remember? 

Do you remember any ad that you saw in the last hour? 

Even if you do remember one or two ads today, do you think you will remember these ads even after a few days?

If the answer is yes, then you have witnessed the magic of good advertising. 

Good advertising is memorable. Good advertising is effective.

Mistake 2: Wrong Targeting

Many times I have seen business owners make this mistake.

I will share one example from my work experience. 

One time when I was having a discussion with one of my clients, he told me that his target audience is young girls from the age group of 13 to 25.

A lot of market research in the form of focus groups, interviews, surveys, etc, and data gathered through initial advertising revealed that the ideal target market was women in the age group 35 to 55 years.

I am telling you this to make you understand that targeting is based on vast and detailed market research.

It is not based on our assumptions. It might appear to you that your target audience is ABC category but you will be surprised to know that your audience is the DEF category.

A bad targeted ad is just a waste of money and as a business owner, you should save yourself from such mistakes.

Mistake 3: A Wrong Ad At a Wrong Time

Facebook advertising is divided into three categories of awareness, consideration, and conversion.

A user who doesn’t know about your brand should be shown an awareness ad and not a conversion ad. 

If you are showing a wrong ad at the wrong time of a customer journey, you won’t be able to convert that user.

Mistake 4: Only One Ad

Many business owners run an ad once, don’t see results, blame the channel, and stop it altogether.

I always tell them and I am going to tell you as well that one impression of an ad is not enough.

Studies show that a user needs to encounter your brand at least 7 times before he decides to purchase from you.

It doesn’t mean you keep showing him the same ad again and again.

This will only end up making him frustrated.

These interactions need not be on the same platform.

These need not be just ads all the time.

It can be 3 Facebook ads, 2 google search results, 1 website visit, and 1 Instagram post or something totally different.

facebook ad spent

Q18: How to decide the ad spend?

There is no fixed answer to this.

I will recommend keeping the biggest share or the second-biggest share of your marketing budget for social media advertising including Facebook advertising.

Q19: What Is A Facebook Ad Agency? 

Facebook ad agencies are also known as creative agencies and they specialize in creating ads.

These are creative digital agencies that create advertising strategies matching a client’s needs.

They can easily change their creative style to write in any brand voice

Also, They can write a funny ad and they can also write a tear-jerker. 

Moreover, They generate ideas for advertising which will make the most impact.

They generally even have a market research team that studies your audience so they can create an ad that resonates with them.

Q20: How Is Facebook Ad Agency Different From Facebook Marketing Company?

Facebook ad agencies are completely different from Facebook marketing companies. Just like a marketing company is different from a creative agency.

Though they work together. Marketing companies will do the research and form the strategy.

Creative ad agencies will then use all the gathered information as a base and create great advertisements. 

A Facebook marketing company is made up of strategists, marketers, data analysts, and researchers.

Moreover, a Facebook ad agency is made up of creative directors, copywriters, art directors, voiceover artists, video makers, and many more. 

For example,  Bizadmark is a full-service creative marketing and advertising agency so you can get everything under one roof – marketing services and even Facebook ad services.

Q21: Is Facebook Ad Agency Same As Facebook PPC Management Company?

These two terms get confused with each other a lot as well.

Facebook PPC Management, this means companies or Facebook Ad Management Companies work on your Business account manager, managing your ads, setting up your bids, setting up a Facebook pixel, and doing similar other things. 

They are mainly taking care of the technical side of Facebook ad services.

Moreover, They are able to create basic advertising but they might be dependent on you for ad materials like images, videos, and ad copies. 

Not only this, but Facebook ad agencies are also the ones who are responsible for creating those ad materials – captivating images, eye-catching videos, and impactful ad copies.

They are the ones who are known for their creative and engaging ideas which help you increase your brand awareness and your customer base.


facebook growth


As more and more people move to Facebook, it continues to be a popular channel for digital advertising. But you want your ad to be gripping and not another noise on Facebook. 

Before you advertise, you should first decide your business goals. It will decide the path of your advertising strategy. 

Once you know that, you should work with a creative ad agency that can match your brand style and make you stand out even in a crowd of 2.37 billion Facebook users.

How’s Facebook advertising working out for you so far? Are you happy with the results that you are seeing?

21 Important Facebook Advertising Questions Answered

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