Feminism & Marketing : The Curious Tale of Feminist Marketing

In this article, we will understand what feminist marketing entails. Why is it such a phenomenon these days and how important it is for a brand?

“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it” – George Carlin

Feminism & Marketing new york city

Where do we begin?

Let’s begin where most of us can remember. The strong impactful #MeToo moment.

When one woman stood up for the wrong that was being done, many others came forward and put forth their views.

As a result, justice was served.

There was much limelight put on how women were always targeted, exploited, and discriminated against by those who were in powerful positions.

This marked one of the most powerful, impactful, and revolutionary feminist moments in the history of feminism and changed the face of not only the entertainment and media industry but all over the world.

So what exactly is feminism anyway? Many have a strong misconception about this word and many choose to ignore what it means.

So, let’s begin by throwing a little light on what it actually means.


What is feminism?

A lot of people have a very strong repulsion against this word.

You know why? Because they have a misconception about what it means.

So let me make it clear once and for all.Feminism in no way implies women are meant to be treated superior to men, but it means women deserve to be treated equally as men. Click To Tweet

This concept isn’t about which gender is supreme. It’s about all genders being equal.

Equal rights, equal treatment, and equal respect and consideration. That is what feminism is. 


How feminism is shaping the marketing world?

It’s no surprise that various marketing and ad campaigns are very seriously considering the feminist factor.

Be it social media, website, google ads, or anywhere else, #Feminism has been successfully viral across all channels.

However, it is indeed a sensitive matter, and companies that aren’t getting the concept of feminism right may face backlash.

For instance, one of the Pampers stores in the US ran a campaign where they sent a Thankyou mail to every parent on Mother’s Day.

However, one of the dads always used to go buy diapers for his kids and his name was registered in pampers directory.

So what did they do?

They sent him a happy Mother’s Day card too. And they also stated that they saluted him as a mom.

This backfired since talking of equality entailed him to also be treated with respect.

It sent out a wrong message which seemed like they were stereotyping women’s role in buying diapers for their kids.

Naturally, they issued an apology but the issue was brought to limelight.

Similarly, let’s look at some examples of famous feminism oriented marketing campaigns and get an idea of what worked for these brands.

feminism & marketing new york

What are some great feminist marketing campaigns?


Dove self-image campaign

When we talk of feminism, one of my favorite winners of all time dove.

I’m always left smiling and feeling a little more empowered when I see their ad campaigns.

And one of the ad campaigns that really got to me was the self-love campaign back in 2016.

The ad campaign posted a series of tweets where women mentioned what they disliked about themselves.

So what dove did? It showed a simple way to change this.

By merely loving yourself and knowing your worth.

By encouraging each other and lifting each other up.

  Full points to dove!


The “Slap Her” Campaign

This is another of my absolute favorites. And I think most of you will remember this one.

So this simple ad campaign was a feminist movement to highlight the nature of violence against women.

What did it entail? Simple stuff. A bunch of little boys was asked to slap a little girl.

The reaction? Priceless. All of these boys didn’t go on to slap the girl but were shocked and baffled at the statement.

Point being? They proved that violence against women could not be justified as something natural but something that is learned from others.


The “throw like a girl” campaign

Another one of amazing campaigns by Always shattered stereotypes of the phrase “throwing like a girl”

Here everyone was asked to throw like a girl and guess what? It rocked! (Sorry for the lingo I get excited when an amazing campaign with a great cause shows up)

So there it is. As Feminist and as amazing.

feminism marketing NYC


How important is feminist marketing for a brand today?


Today is a different world.

A world where diversity and inclusion reign supreme.

Everyone wants an emotional connection with the brand, and a brand that is inclusive and equal to every customer regardless of gender will win. Which is why Feminist marketing is gaining worldwide importance.

More and more brands are now opting to target the feminist audience to become their potential and permanent customers.

Feminism and its influence are visible on many brands these days as more and more people are understanding what it actually means: Focusing on the equality of every being on this planet. Click To Tweet

Moreover, many corporations have a market research team in place just to figure out which section of the women are facing oppression and lack of confidence.

What is done next? The mighty creative advertisers design a campaign that is not only appealing to the masses but also appealing to that segment and the concept of feminism.

feminism marketing agency in brooklyn


The growing concept of FemVertising

With the growing awareness of feminism. FemVertising is growing too.

More and more brands want to be able to relate to their customers, and believe it or not, women are constituting a lot of customer base.

The divine feminine energy is rising and thriving.

Thus it is imperative for brands to keep up and be inclusive of women and their perception in their marketing campaigns.

Moreover, inclusive brands will not only spread positivity, awareness, and empowerment to women, they’ll also leave a lasting impact on the world if they play their cards right.

But where does a brand draw a line?

Now, this is a tricky part.

Everyone can talk the talk but can everyone walk the walk?

Many brands claim that their ideologies are highly feminist and empowering on paper, but when the execution comes, it’s a sad sight to see.

They often do not live up to the expectations of the target audience and it backfires.

This is called faux feminism. And trust me you don’t want to be the one to preach this.

So brands need to be very careful. They need to decide whether they’re actually believing in the concept of feminism or just creating marketing campaigns for the sake of it.

Moreover, if they’re really the latter one then it won’t last long and you’ll be losing customers rather than gaining any.

feminism marketing


Feminism is here to stay. It’s thriving and the reach is increasing.

More and more people are now believing deeply in the concept of feminism and are passionate about the concept.

This is why strong brands need to design specific, uplifting, and revolutionizing marketing and ad campaigns.

This will not only empower women but also increase the goodwill of your brand as a social entity.

Still, wondering how to make most of the feminist marketing for your brand? Feel free to reach out to us.  We are a Brooklyn, New York based marketing and advertising agency.

Moreover, if you have any further insights to add.

Let us know in the comments.

Till then, love and respect for each other. We are all projections of the same higher self. We are all on, let’s treat each other like that.


Feminism & Marketing : The Curious Tale of Feminist Marketing

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