Why Prefer a Full Service Marketing Agency?

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In this article, we will understand whether we should prefer a full-service marketing agency or opt for a specialized version. 


Every brand has had this thought when choosing a marketing agency. 

Do I need a specialized agency? Or should I opt for a full-service marketing agency? How do I decide which to choose? What if I choose wrong?  

Don’t worry. I know it can baffle to choose the best for your brand.  

And you want the best for your brand, don’t you? We all do. So let’s see which marketing agency may be a good fit for you.  

But before that. Let’s get an overview of what we will discuss here.  

First, we will understand what exactly is a full-service marketing and advertising agency? 

Then, we will get a deeper understanding of what a full-service marketing agency does? 

Next, we will see what are the benefits of a full-service marketing agency? 

Further, we will discuss how a full-service marketing agency differs from a specialized marketing agency?  

Next, we will discuss which of the two should a brand choose? 

Last, we will analyze the result of our discussion and come to a common understanding.  

Ready? Let’s begin.

Full-Service Marketing Agency

What is a full service marketing and advertising agency?


Imagine a garment store that only sells denim. If you only want denim, this is the best place for you. 

However, today’s world is a little different. When we head out to shop, we go not only to buy one thing; we want a lot of things.

For instance, If I want denim, now to match those types of denim I’d want a nice plain shirt, to match these I’d like to buy some cosmetics, then I’d like to buy nice sketchers to go with them. And on and on and on.

So what’s the best alternative? Instead of going to a denim shop, I’ll go to a mall, wouldn’t I? 

Similarly, a full-service marketing agency is like a marketing and advertising mall for businesses. This means it offers everything that your business needs for its marketing and advertising from start to end. And all of this under one roof.

It makes up a group of highly-skilled, trained, and qualified professionals offering a set of comprehensive and non-exhaustive marketing services to you. 

A full service marketing agency does what?

Now that we know what a full-service marketing agency is, let’s understand more clearly what it does. 

Where a specialized marketing agency offers very specific services, a full-service marketing agency offers a plethora of marketing services across all marketing arenas.  

This means, the range is wide, the marketing and advertising channels are multiple and the opportunities are endless. 

Does this mean I have to opt for all of their services?


No, and that’s the beauty of it. 

Even though there are a plethora of services that a full-service marketing agency offers, it allows the business to pick its flowers and put it in its basket.  

Too poetic? Let me simplify it for you.  

So when you go to a mall, you have so many options for shops and showrooms available to you, right? But do you buy everything in the mall? Not.  

You choose whichever product suits you and your lifestyle and buy that. And you pay for only that which you bought.  

Similarly, when you are opting for a full-service marketing agency, it doesn’t mean you’ve to mandatory avail for all of its services.  

The agency can and will provide you with a tailor-made marketing and advertising package just for you. 

This package will be in alignment with your vision, mission, goals, preferences, and budget. 

digital markting agency

What services does it include in a full-services marketing agency? 


While the range of services that a full-service marketing and advertising agency providers may differ, they include the following on a generic level. 


  • Marketing research and analysis  
  • Curating a marketing plan  
  • Brand awareness, recognition, and development
  • Web design and development 
  • Public relations and media planning 
  • Product marketing and advertising 
  • Digital branding 
  • Digital marketing
  • Social media marketing 
  • Influencer and niche marketing and advertising
  • Email marketing 
  • Content creation and engagements
  • Graphics and visual advertising and marketing


This list is extensive but not exhaustive. There are multiple ranges of services than any full-service marketing and advertising agency provides. 

However, the aim of every agency is more or less the same, to create brand awareness, create brand loyalty, improve customer relationships, and increase conversion.


What are the benefits of a full service marketing agency?


The interconnectedness of strategies and channels.


One of the most important benefits of a full-service marketing agency is that all they interconnect the marketing strategies and digital channels.  

Let’s understand this objectively.  

Suppose you have separate partners for email marketing, social marketing, SEO, etc. 

If one channel performs badly, it will affect other channels.  

This is because these channels don’t work in isolation. 

Now, let’s say one of your subscribers gets an email from you and it’s amazing. 

As a result, that subscriber who has developed an interest in your product goes to Facebook to check you out and he finds out a weak presence.  

It will influence his decision. Not all users go from email to your website and complete the purchase. 

Most of them learn more about you. They check out your social media, read your blog, find out on the internet what others have to say about you or if you have a good presence on search engines.

The same problem can also arise if you’re not working with an expert full-service agency, the whole digital marketing plan will be as good as their weakest department. 

If you’re working with a full-service marketing agency and an employee who was handling your affairs, leaves.  

Hence, continuity remains because they’re aware of your brand and business.


Full-Service Marketing Agency Saves Time and Energy

Save time

Let’s suppose you hired a specialty agency.  

This means you’ll have one agency for email marketing, one for social media marketing, another one for PPC management, then web designing and maintenance, and so on. 

Now imagine having to manage so many partners at the same time.  

You must explain everything from business goals to plans and preferences to each of these partners repeatedly.  

Not only this, but you’ll also have to monitor each one’s work, their progress, where they are falling short, their payments, and the list goes on.  

This means spending hours on meetings with each one of them and monitoring the progress of each company’s work. 

It won’t be that easy. It will be time-consuming, energy-consuming, and gives you a headache.

But that’s not the case with a full-service marketing agency. 

With it, there’s only one agency you’ve to engage with. Everything you did multiple times will have to do Just once. One agency, one partner.  

Result? Saves you time, energy.


Easy Scalability


Let’s suppose you hired a full-service marketing agency and want to expand to video marketing. 

You won’t have to look for a new company and explain everything again – your business, your target market, your competition, your business goals, etc. 

That’s because this company already understands everything about your business.  

Not only can they start any other strategy or work on a new channel in no time, but also they will use all the work they are already doing to improve the effectiveness of video marketing. 

This is not just restricted to video marketing, it applies to every marketing element. 

Full-service marketing agencies will have a better and easier scalability process than specialty marketing. 


Specialty and Expertise 


Many times this point is being made that a specialist knows more than a group of professionals of a full-service agency. 

It’s true. But what if all these experts come together and become a part of one agency like in Bizadmark? 

Is it still considered as a jack-of-all-trade company or a full-service agency run by experts? 

In today’s ever-competitive digital world, competition is high, and it requires functional flexibility.  

Few prefer jumping ships from one agency to another in search of expertise.  

Many want these expert services to be available under one roof, and if need be, other experts can do the role that’s different from their departments.  

And this is what a full-service marketing agency offers. Quite a magic show, isn’t it?

Types of facebook ads bizadmark

Consistent Branding


Brand voice and image won’t differ when you work with just one agency. 

Otherwise, email might have a humorous voice, social media might have a formal brand voice and your website might have a sarcastic voice that can dilute your brand identity. 

People love consistency these days if your marketing channels are contradicting each other’s tone. You’re in for trouble.  

Customers will move on in seconds and won’t look back.  

Therefore, it is important to have that consistency factor across all your marketing and digital channels, and a full-service marketing agency can help you easily achieve that.


An upgrade to your existing marketing department


With a full-service marketing agency, you’re getting an upgrade. 

Your current marketing team or the specialty marketing team may possess limited knowledge about limited topics. 

However, that’s not the case with a full-service marketing agency.  

With them, you get a full-fledged expert pool of knowledge across all horizons of the marketing arena.  

And the best part is they will work for hand in hand with your marketing team too.

full service marketing agency



So we have now realized why full-service marketing takes precedence over specialty agency.  

But to each, his own, every business has different demands and choose an agency that works best with your criteria.  

Choosing a marketing agency can overwhelm especially if you’re just starting or are coming out of a bad experience. 

So which one are you going to prefer? Will you opt for a specialty agency? Or a full-service marketing and advertising agency? 

Let us know in the comments below.

Why Prefer a Full Service Marketing Agency?

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