GenX Marketing Agency Guide To Exploring This Horizon

This article will help you explore the Gen X marketing. Straight from the heart of a GenX marketing agency to yours.

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While we might get hung up on millennials and baby boomers, there’s another generation in play that’s different, unique, and peculiar in a positive way. 

A new arena to explore, Gen X marketing is something that’s becoming of great significance today.

With not many targeting this broad and opportunistic arena, it opens up a plethora of possibilities for you to make your mark and set up a strong customer base. 

So, let’s see how we can get down to business with Gen X. 

The gladiator generation of all.

Sit back, read, absorb. 

What Is Gen X? 

They’re the in-betweens of baby boomers and millennials.

Remember the 70s and 80s kids? They’re generation X. 

According to researchers, generation x are a group of people born between 1965 to 1980.

They’re the generations that succeed baby boomers but precede millennials. 

Moreover, more often than not, they’re referred to as the MTV generation since those were the years when MTV was a big hit amongst the people and shot up in popularity. 

Why target  Gen X?

Gen X Are Direct

Compared to baby boomers or millennials, generation X is much more direct when it comes to putting their point across. 

They’re more about open and honest conversations.

They say it like it is. 

Moreover, if they don’t like something, they’ll not waste time on explaining it nicely. 

They’ll say it bluntly and like it is. 

They Have A Love-Hate Relationship With Technology

We all know that Gen x was raised in an era where there was no google, no Instagram, and not as fast internet for that matter. 

As a result, they aren’t so attached to their phones. 

Statistics suggest that while a millennial would spend 60% of their time on their devices, a Gen x spends only 40% of its time on these gadgets. 

But that doesn’t mean they don’t prefer technology, they just don’t use it on as big a scale as millennials or Gen z for that matter.

They have A High Purchasing Power

Often overlooked between the charm of two major generations, Gen x still has a wide power over the purchasing arena.

According to recent studies, they are a generation with more than average household income, with a buying power of more than $2.4 trillion. (Source)

They don’t shy away from spending, they prefer a luxury lifestyle and they can afford it well. 

Moreover, studies further suggest that they are managing both growing children and a family of elderly parents while also fulfilling their requirements. (Read more)

They’re Highly Brand Loyal

One of the recent studies by e-marketer showed that Gen X surpasses any other generations when it comes to brand loyalty. 

They prefer a brand that has fulfilled their needs and wants and created an experience for them and will stick to that brand for a long time.

Moreover, they’re even willing to pay a premium price for a product or a service if they believe that the brand will deliver value and experience for them. 

As a result, it is very important and imperative for you to target this affluent, unique, brand loyal, and outstanding group of customers. 

They’re mostly looked over, but not anymore. 

If you play your cards right, you can earn their trust and equity.

Let’s see how. 

How To Market And Advertise To Gen X?

Radio Ads For The Win

Some surprising statistics reveal that 97% of Gen X listen to the radio. (Source)

Not only this, but radio advertisements are also reaching more than 93% of the American households monthly. 

It doesn’t just end here, about 1/3rd of the Gen x radio listeners are more likely to remember an ad on the radio and act on it. 

These are some strong statistics, right? 

So why not up to your radio marketing game right here right now? 

Radio marketing will not only provide easy access to the target Gen x customers, but it will also be effective in catching their attention. 

Social Media Jingles Working These Days

Believe it or not, Gen X spends considerable time on social media, I mean who doesn’t, right?

But at the same time, they are old school people who grew up with jingles on their television advertisements

So how about creatively combining both?

This is one of the most creative marketing activities you can do. 

Combine the social media strategy with the old school jingles.

This will not only give them a sense of nostalgia but also give them a chance to deeply connect with your brand and increase your overall social media engagements.

Smart right? 

Sending Out Prompt And Informative Newsletters

It is no surprise that Gen x comes from a long line of email senders and receivers.

Studies suggest that more than 92% of the Gen X people check their emails regularly. (Read more)

This gives your brand a golden opportunity to target them through carefully constructed and well thought of emails. 

Moreover, a newsletter subscription that sends out informative, clear emails with a call to action will be very effective when it comes to Gen X

They’ve grown up reading, receiving, and sending emails. 

And they’re still as interested in it as they were before. 

Some Don’ts To Take Care Of 

Don’t keep going in circles 

Gen X likes to the point conversations. 

If you keep beating around the bush, they will get put off and leave. 

Hence, it’s best to keep your ads concise and clear.

Get to the point quickly without going on in circles. 

They are too busy, they don’t have that much time to spare. Capeesh?

The more honest and authentic you are, the more you’ll be liked by Gen X.

Don’t Underestimate Their Tech Savviness

Sure they are a little old school but don’t underestimate their tech-savviness. 

Most Gen X spend considerable time on the Internet and browse through online information about products and services. 

Moreover, they’re quite active on social media and often want to interact with the brands of their choice.

So if you want to win their heart, create overall marketing and advertising strategy that’s compelling, creative, and engaging at the same time. 

Don’t Direct Them To A Bad Website 

According to E-Marketer, 73% of the Gen X people make at least one online purchase decision over the course of time. 

They crave information and compatibility. 

So, if you send them to a bad website that is cumbersome to browse through, not adaptable to mobile devices, or has any other issue, it will put them off.

As a result, they’ll move on to someone else. 

Moreover, their word of mouth holds strong weightage, and others will abide by it too. 

So play your cards right. 


Gen X Marketing: The Summary

So there it is, I tried to introduce you to a generation that’s often looked over and gets lost between the millennials and the baby boomers.

GenX are next level people, there’s so much they can give to you and your brand

 But only if you know the way to target this unusual set of customers and the elements to target them with.

It’s a new and exciting arena worth exploring. 

Moreover, if you want to hit the right scales, a good balance of creativity, analysis, information, and engagement will get the job done. 

So are you ready to give it a shot? Or is it becoming too overwhelming? 

Don’t worry.

We are always here to help. 

Gen X Marketing FAQs

Who Are GenX?

GenX are the people who are currently between 1965-1980. 

Why Is GenX Marketing Important?

GenX marketing is very important because they are often not given as much attention and they have a strong buying power. 

How Can I Get More GenX To Choose My Brand?

Data, interaction, creativity, personal touch, and overall experience will help them incline towards your brand. 

Where To Begin With GenX Marketing Strategy?

Not many know too well about this generation.

So I’d suggest understanding everything about the generation first.

Do Marketing Agencies Specifically Handle GenX Marketing?

That depends, many full-service marketing agencies like Bizadmark are equipped with the expertise to handle Gen X marketing. 

Where Do I Begin My Research On GenX Marketing?

Start from the start. Develop an understanding of Gen X first. That’s where you begin. 

That’s it 

I hope this article helped you understand Gen X a little better and find a way to marketing and advertising this generation. 

If you have any other questions you want to ask, let us know or drop those in the comments.

We are all ears. 

GenX Marketing Agency Guide To Exploring This Horizon

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