4 Real Effective Ways To Use Google My Business For Improving Local SEO

Are you using Google My Business for local SEO? If not, you are missing out on an important platform to make your business stand out in your locality. Being on GMB increases your visibility on Google Local Pack, Google Maps, and Local Finder.

I was living underneath the rock and was not aware of Google My Business in the slightest degree until my colleague introduced me to that. Solely then I Googled regarding Google My Business and came to know regarding its vast reach and importance.

I got stunned by the silliness that I used to search the information about different businesses on Google, and it was all possible because of Google My Business and the time invested by various companies to update their details on this free tool. Such is the presence of GMB.

To dive deep into Google My Business, it becomes mandatory to know all about it.

So, let’s start!


Overview Of Google My Business:

Google My business LOCAL SEO

Just like food and water replenishes our body, therefore is that the online presence in today’s competitive world. It is so necessary that if you would like to get heights in business, you need to be good at managing an internet presence of your business on Google. 

Google My Business truly is an online business directory where you can find all the business information of different companies. So it is advisable and mandatory to keep the information accurate.

GMB is a platform that makes it possible for your potential customers to learn more about you and your business and connect with you. It is a fast and easy way to make business special in its way. Serving as a portfolio of your business, it also enhances the trust factor in your customers.


What Is Google My Business?

Google My Business Local SEO TIPS

There are many social media pages that we keep on updating time to time to reach potential customers. Google My Business is one such page that helps you tremendously in the long run and tops the search listing on search engine giant Google. A simple strategy of keeping the information up-to-date on it will do the trick.


Just like one of the many free tools developed by Google, Google My Business is an internet-based service which is meant for business owners to manage their online presence by creating, verifying and editing their business listings in Google, without any need for extra work as the implementation of SEO strategy on website.


A quick and convenient means for searchers to urge the desired information like address, operating hours, and contact details, while not browsing the website. 


What Is The Purpose Of Google My Business?

Listings on Google My Business permit your business information to appear before the first search result when potential customers are searching for your merchandise or services within a particular area. Accurate usage makes the GMB a robust tool for driving customers your means & dominating the first page of a Google search.

How Necessary Is Google My Business For Local SEO?

We swear on Google, the best search engine, to seek out any info swiftly and conveniently. And if Google is privileging business owners with a free tool like Google My Business, beyond question, it’ll be about to provide business new heights to scale.

An essential for every business owner, it helps you gain potential customers while not making any additional effort. The only thing required is the accurate general information of your business on the GMB page. And, if the client would wish other info, they will go through your website.

So, in short, putting in place Google My Business listing may be a worthy exercise and is utterly essential for each business.


What Is The Importance of Google My Business for local SEO?

To be found domestically online, Google My Business is one such sure shot way to ease the business growth path. One factor of importance is that its page ought to be complete, correct, and dealing on each side. Information keeps on updating on a timely basis. Only then the chances of success can increase throughout online and offline operations. Also, it has a significant impact on website traffic and visitors to an actual physical location.

One of the vital tools to help grow an online presence of businesses, it’s set up allows the company to show in their local area with ease, transforming the process by helping the customers in finding the information, product or service as per their requirement.


What Are The Benefits Of Google My Business Listing?

  • It helps in enhancing the website rank by showing your business offerings as per the customers’ requirements.
  • It helps in improving the listing of business in local search results. By tracing the location of users as per their search area, GMB displays your business listing as per the services being offered by your business.
  • It keeps control over your business information and services you are offering. Businesses with verified information are considered reputable by the customers. So it is always advisable to make sure that your customers have access to the right information.
  • It helps in managing the reviews by allowing the platform to showcase and respond. Responding to the customers’ reviews helps in building the credibility of your business. Customers get a sense of satisfaction when they are heard and answered.
  • An up-to-date and detailed Google My Business listing guaranteed helps in appearing in the Google search results.


Features Of Google My Business For Local SEO:

  • Works as a boon to small businesses, Google my business helps the owners to share their business offerings locally and attract the new customers. By helping companies in a growing online presence, it becomes an essential and vital tool.
  • Pocket-friendly: A free and easy to use tool makes it a pocket-friendly that helps business to attain more considerable heights by managing their online presence by verifying and editing the relevant information.
  • Helps maintain cordial relation with customers by answering their queries


Some New Features Of Google My Business Were Added Later On:

Business information

Discontinued earlier, however currently, this feature has been re-launched in GMB. A quick abstract of the business and its giving with a 750 character limit can do the trick.

Posts on Google

This feature permits the user to share their recent offerings. By clicking posts on the GMB dashboard, you’ll be able to promote your business offerings to the individuals directly.

Operating hours of business

To provide more ease to the customers, you can also add your business opening and closing time.

Freedom on managing reviews

Provide ease in managing the reviews posted by customers by directly replying to them on the dashboard in public.

Google Assistant service

By permitting the assistance of Google Assistant, you’ll be able to give ease to potential customers to book a web appointment.

Quote requesting

Requesting a quote feature permits customers to ask for quotes directly, compare, and revert accordingly within the GMB app.

Google my business Guide

What Are The Effective Ways To Use Google My Business Local SEO?

Humanize Your Brand With Photos and Videos

Try to add many pictures and videos of your brand to give your customers a glimpse into your business and its operations. There are also many tools available to help you do this.

Your customers love to see you not as a brand but as a human just like them. Share your team member’s pictures, your behind-the-scenes, your work-in-progress videos and any other thing you can think of.

Just remember that these pictures should be genuine and should truly represent your business.

Stock pictures here are a big no-no. Please do not use images like these –

office dog edgar

(Meet Edgar – Our office dog)

funny picture google seo

(This is how our clients jump after seeing their profits rising.)

stock images happy funny

(Well, that’s my immense Christmas happiness, after my page ranked on top in local SEO)

Take a Leap in Q & A | Keep your customers informed.

Google My Business (for local SEO) provides an option of asking questions about any business. The problem here is that anyone can answer those questions. Many times their answers won’t give the full picture to your customers.

To overcome this, you can add some questions and answer from your sides. These should be the questions that you think your customers will be most interested in knowing.

You can also check out various similar businesses and get some ideas about what people generally like to know related to your business.

Upvoting is something that can give a question more visibility. If you think any question is very important, you should try doing that.

Take Advantage of Insights of Google My Business local SEO.

GMB’s Insights not only tell you where and how your customers are searching for you, but it also tells you how far are they when they checked the direction to your place.

Many such insights can be used for optimizing your listing and improving your search results.

Be Active on Your Google My Business Profile.

The reason being that anyone can edit your listing including your competitors. If you stop checking your profile, you won’t know if any change has been made to your listing which is not useful and can harm your business.

Google’s listings do not solely rely on the data provided by you. Anybody can answer questions about your business or edit your business information.

Not just that if Google finds some important information related to your business at some third-party unverified channel, it will start showing it with your business.

For example, if you are a restaurant business and you don’t have an easily accessible menu, Google can pick it up from wherever it’s available and link it to your business.


How to improve ranking in local search?

One of the branches of SEO, local SEO, helps in optimizing the website to be found in local search results. It is a crucial marketing channel for any physically present business and is an easy and affordable means to provide tremendous value to the company. There is a lot to work on local SEO due to the evolving nature of search engines and takes a lot of time and effort to get right. Rules keep on changing to achieve different results.


But to improve the ranking, local search relies on three core elements:

  • Proximity: The distance between the searcher and the business
  • Relevance: Products and services you are offering are relevant to the search queries or not
  • Prominence: What do other consumers say about your products and services?


Locally targeted content also plays a vital role in local SEO efforts. Now local SEO is becoming an essential business component to gain long term success.


And if someone finds it difficult to do it, it is advisable to choose the businesses that provide local SEO by doing the cost-benefit analysis.



There is nothing complicated in Google My Business pages; however, they are vital. While it seems like just one more web page to keep on top of, Google My Business should go to the top of the pile as one of the most important.

Setting up your basic Google My Business listing is an associate exercise of one or two minutes. However, you will see the advantages instantly!

Google My Business for Local SEO is an outstanding feature in increasing your reach to the local customers. It helps in improving your local SEO, which eventually helps in improving your overall SEO score. A little bit of marker research always gets you prepared for the competition.

There are so many things you can do on GMB to improve your search engine visibility. Keep an eye on our upcoming articles, where we are going to take a more in-depth look into this segment.

How’s your local SEO doing? When is the right time to enhance your Google My Business profile? Get in touch.

4 Real Effective Ways To Use Google My Business For Improving Local SEO

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