How a simple change of http to https increased the trust factor of our client by 100%?

Nobody could have thought that a small thing like changing HTTP to https could drastically change the way the users see or perceive your website.

If you owned an e-commerce website, you would already be familiar with the term https.

It is a must in the case of an e-commerce website as users have to share some very crucial information like credit card details on such websites to finish a purchase.

But what if your website is just informational or educational in nature?

Do you still need https?

I mean you aren’t asking for any important details from your users, all you are doing is just sharing some free information with them.

It doesn’t feel like you need to switch to https from http. But, that’s not the case anymore and this case study might help you in understanding this.

Case Study: HTTP or HTTPS

Now, https version of a website has become so important even for those businesses who don’t own an e-commerce website.

Even if you think that your users should not have any fear of their important information falling in the wrong hands and being misused. But the times have changed, and so has the google algorithm.

Now, having an https website is one of the many factors on the basis of which Google ranks your website.

This doesn’t give you much option to ignore installing this security certificate for long as you did before. You have to do what Google asks you to do, otherwise, you’ll lag behind in this fast-changing digital world.

How Effective?

Here is a small case study to show you the importance of this small change.

One of our clients came to us with a problem of poor conversions on their website.

They said that they are getting the traffic but it’s still not leading to as many conversions as they calculated.

Our research team was assigned this task to figure out why it’s happening.

They started their analysis of the website and realized that the client has still not started using https version and it was one of the reasons why they were not able to convert many eligible leads.

Without much delay, we installed a Secure Socket Layer (SSL Certificate).

The presence of it ensured that our client’s website is safe and secure and the information that will be received and sent will be encrypted. This, in turn, increased the trust factor of their users.

With this one installation, their problem was solved. The results were improved. The conversion rate was changed.

  And most important Google stopped showing the red warning sign “Website Not Secure” on their website which was majorly responsible in scaring away their clients.

 An https website made sure that their users feel like their information will not be misused.

Consequently, the users didn’t even think twice before filling out any web form which they were earlier avoiding to do out of fear.

This one change helped our client from the loss of many prospective clients.

To summarize, the benefits of having https website are –

  • Improved Google Ranking
  • Increased Trust Factor
  • Change Brand’s Perception
  • No Google Warning Sign
  • Increased Sales
  • Better Conversion Rate
  • Less Bounce Rate
  • Safer Transfer of Information

Are you in need of an https website? Please contact us so we can help you improve your website as well.

How a simple change of http to https increased the trust factor of our client by 100%?

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