All Your Queries About Instagram Influencer Marketing Answered

Let’s discuss Instagram Influencer Marketing. Chances that you have checked your Instagram in the last hour are pretty high.

Instagram is a very popular social networking app. And its popularity has given rise to a completely new form of marketing, ‘Influencer Marketing’.’

Let’s see how you can add an Instagram influencer marketing strategy in your marketing plan that helps you in achieving your business goals.


What Is Instagram?

Instagram is a very popular photo and video-sharing social networking platform. It is owned by Facebook.

If you haven’t yet checked it or downloaded the Instagram app, go check it out now.

But don’t forget that this social media platform is highly addictive.


How Does Instagram Work?

You login to Instagram. Then, create an Instagram account by filling out some basic details about yourself.

Finally, you start sharing photos and videos.

You can add Instagram captions to your photos, videos, or stories to give your followers more details about your post.

People can follow you if they want to see what you are sharing. They are known as Instagram followers.

Who Is An Influencer?

An influencer is somebody who has the power of influencing or persuading or even motivating others to take action.

Influencers are the experts in their areas. For this very reason, they have the ability to influence others to buy a new shirt, take a trip to Hawaii, cook a new dish, try a new fitness regime, or practise meditation. Click To Tweet

According to their expertise, they are categorized as beauty influencers, food influencers, fitness influencers, fashion influencers, and so on.


Who Is A Social Influencer?

A social influencer or social media influencer is the one who has a powerful presence on any of the social networking platforms and the ability to influence one’s followers there.

Social influencers can be Instagram influencers, Facebook influencers, Twitter influencers, Tik Tok influencers, Linkedin influencers, etc..


Who Is An Instagram Influencer?

Instagram influencers are those who have strong knowledge of their field and a big number of Instagram followers who love to engage with them.

Instagram influencers are those people others look up to for suggestions, inspiration, and motivation.


What Is Influencer Marketing?

Using social influencers to communicate the message of your brand to their followers is known as Influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is an integral part of social media marketing. Moreover, influencer marketing is considered as a mix of word-of-mouth marketing and celebrity marketing.

As the world moved to the digital age, a new form of word of mouth marketing came into existence known as social media influencer marketing.

There were many people on social media with a big fan following who were talking about many products and services.

These consumers were posting long social media posts about these products, describing their experiences, and telling their followers what it feels like to have that product.

Many brands soon realized the power of such posts by social influencers and their effect on their followers and on the brands themselves.

With that, soon started the concept of social media influencer marketing.


What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing?

The concept of Instagram influencer marketing started when many Instagram users gained a lot of followers with what they were sharing on their social networking profiles.

Their Instagram followers were loving their content and with that, their followers’ count was increasing.

All these Instagram influencers were experts in their fields and attracted a very targeted crowd.

Some knew about vegan cooking and some knew about fashion.

Soon, they built a mini-celebrity status for themselves. To put it in another way, they were just like celebrities to their followers but more trustworthy because they were sharing their real experiences.

As a result, the followers were able to connect more with these Instagram influencers than they could have connected with a big celebrity.

Many companies soon started realizing the power of their reach, their targeted audience, their expertise, and their influence.

With that realization, started the concept of Instagram Influencer Marketing.


What Are Fake Instagram Followers Or Ghost Followers?

As Instagram influencer marketing started gaining popularity, many users realized the importance of being an Instagram influencer.

Moreover, companies were paying Instagram influencers based on their follower count. All this led to the rise of fake followers.

When Instagram users realized that having more followers can bring them more money, help them become popular, or increase their celebrity status, they turned to the bad practice of increasing followers by buying them.

Soon many shady tools, apps, and websites came into existence that promised more followers.

The problem of these followers was that they were not commenting on or even liking any post.

What more could have been expected from them? These are fake followers. They are inactive.

They just live in an Instagram account without participating in anything. That’s is one of the reasons, they are also termed as ghost followers.

On the positive side, companies started realizing that the number of followers is not a healthy measurement of an Instagram user’s influence.

They need something more. They want engagement.

With this, the trend of fake followers has started dying. Companies no longer want an Instagram user with many followers and no engagement.

Top Instagram influencers aren’t those who have got hundreds of thousands of followers but they are those who spark genuine conversation. Click To Tweet

As a business owner, that should be your goal to find the real Instagram influencers. These users need not have many followers. They can have just a thousand but high engagement rates.


Given these points, it can be said that a real Instagram influencer is the one who has a genuine fan following and real engagement.

Having more followers doesn’t make anyone a top Instagram influencer and this is something we should always keep in mind while forming out Instagram marketing strategy.

Have you started Instagram influencer marketing yet? What was your experience?

Comment or contact us to discuss your thoughts.

All Your Queries About Instagram Influencer Marketing Answered

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