12 Instagram Marketing Tips And Strategies For 2020 To Boost Your Business

Let’s talk about Simple Instagram Marketing Tips in this article.

Every picture we click, business that we have or vacation that we are on, We always think, “Is it Instagrammable?”


Over the period Instagram has grown and is continuing to broaden its horizons.

With over 1 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most widely used applications. 75.3% of businesses of US users Instagram marketing to boost their business.


Businesses of much food to fashion, services to luxuries, all are on a marathon to adopt Instagram as not just an advertising tool but also a marketing and revenue-generating tool.

Instagram is the second most used social network according to the reports of E-marketer, 2018. People spend an average of 28 minutes per day on Instagram.


Instagram is an ocean of advertisements and opportunities. Here are the Top 12 Instagram Marketing Tips that we bring to you to help in growing your business via Instagram:

Create an amazing profile on Instagram:


Own a business account, which is tempting is an important Instagram Marketing tip


Instagram marketing tips is the foremost step towards creating an Instagram marketing plan is to own an Instagram business account.

Clicking on “Switch to business profile “in the settings cab easily do this.

Once this feature is active on the Instagram profile, users can click on the “contact button” to get in touch with the brand directly from the Instagram page.


Also, creating a business profile on Instagram unlocks several free Instagram tools such as the Instagram analytic tools that provide access to the stats about the impressions created by the posts on a particular Instagram page.


A Bio is a must, that too a detailed one


A well-curated bio is a must-have for brands and businesses. By “well-curated “we mean a quick insight about the brand along with the link to the brand’s website.


Have a consistent brand look throughout the profile


An aesthetically built profile with a consistent theme and look is attractive and it compels users to follow the brand along with making them feel connected to the brand.


Use all the features offered by Instagram (a plethora of them are available):


Instagram Analytics tool to use for Instagram marketing tips


 Another simple Instagram marketing tip, For businesses, Instagram analytics is a wonderful tool that helps businesses to get a better understanding of their performance.

Through this feature account insights such as profile views, website clicks, impressions, reach and we can analyze other insights.

This tool also gives a very clear idea about the number of followers and other demographic insides such as gender breakdown range of the age, top locations and the time of the week when the follower base is most active.


Such insights are very useful and help businesses to understand a lot about what it requires doing for the betterment and success of the business.


Several Instagram editing tools as Instagram marketing tips


When we talk about using Instagram features, using Instagram editing tools is yet another important yet simple Instagram marketing tip and feature.

Inbuilt Instagram features such as boomerangs are also a creative way to showcase the products on Instagram.


Use the Instagram video feature for conveying a lot of information


Using videos to promote products on Instagram is one of those Instagram marketing tips and strategies that can convey a lot of information about the product to the customer along with convincing the potential consumers in buying the product/ services.


Use the Instagram story feature as best Instagram marketing tips


This feature from Instagram is game-changing. Almost half of the active users of Instagram post engaging stories every day. These stories stay for 24 hours and are a superb source to build trust with the customer/follower base.


We can use Instagram stories in multiple ways such as to announce the current happenings at the brand/business, the achievements of the brand, doing a behind the scene session and what not.


Users can post photos, videos, boomerangs, texts, music and a lot more creative content in the form of stories visible to the other Instagram users on the top of their feed.

62% of people have revealed that they become more interested in a brand or a product after this it on the brand Instagram stories.


Hosting poles and doing a “Q and A “session on the Instagram stories to connect with the consumer. Such interactions prove too great marketing ideas for the brand and increase the brand-customer relation.

Instagram Marketing Tip: Influencer marketing is a thing and that too a good one:

One of the simple Instagram marketing tips is for reaching the target audience, the quickest way is to do it through Instagram influencers.

The influences already have a follower base, which helps in growing the business for the brand.

For using this marketing technique, the primary step is to identify the right influences that the brand needs to partner with.


Advantages of using Influencer marketing tips


These influencers help in creating brand awareness amongst their followers, which leads to the increase of sales and business.69% of the US marketers budget is getting used to the influencer marketing strategy.


Instagram influencers get to pay between $100 to $2000 per post by brands for posting pictures and videos on Instagram.


Usually, the follower base of any influencer trusts the products by the influencers. And if a brand aims at increasing its sales, these influencers are undoubtedly the best way to do it.


If such influencers post about the brand/service the brand get use to a huge number of potential buyers and also games new followers through the influencers post.


Invest in Influencer marketing is the best Instagram marketing tip


Investing in influencer marketing is something that a brand should never skip as it is one of the most important Instagram marketing tips and strategies in the world today.

We at Bizadmark have a huge influencer base, you can try our services for making the most out of influencer marketing. Get in touch to get your Instagram Marketing started.

Daniel Willington has used influencer marketing to increase brand awareness and sales to another level.

The brand is very well popular for re-posting pictures of influencers and other customers who are not only wearing the Daniel Willington watches but also flaunting them with hashtags.

It is one of the most loved brands on Instagram, and their innovative campaigns have always got them higher engagements.

Opting for sponsored Ads is super beneficial:


Instagram ads are the best way to advertise and market products/services.

The reason they are the best in the industry is that it lets the user control exactly how much they will spend by setting up and Ad budget.

Instagram advertisements have the potential to reach around 52.9 million youth audience.


By using Instagram ads, the business can target its audience on a whole new level. Instagram allows the user to decide the location, the budget, the gender, the age range and other such features to reach out to potential consumers.


We can sponsor these ads in several ways such as photos, videos, dynamic ads stories, A particular business can also run multiple ads for different audiences simultaneously for gaining much more engagement.

Create a hashtag and use it as much as you can:


Creating your very own and unique hashtag plays a very vital role in the marketing of a brand on Instagram.

To increase engagements on Instagram creating interactive hashtags are a fun way to do it. We can use these hashtags across all social media platforms.


Use hashtags in a multiple ways


Motivating the followers and other Instagram users to use the brand hashtag is yet another excellent way of marketing their products/services.

By doing this first the company is gaining hi engagement and second, the brand is also getting advertisement and awareness amongst the users.


Another way to encourage the followers to use the hashtag is by hosting contests, featuring consumer pictures on the brand’s page, holding giveaways.


A campaign by Mothercare where they used the power of a hashtag to attain success. They used the hashtag #bodyproudmoms to promote their campaign where the campaign was about the issues that a woman’s body faces post-childbirth.

This hashtag went viral and several pictures posted using the same hashtag from mothers all over the world. This campaign was a successful one and it boosted brand awareness.

Post regularly and on right time:


Posting regularly is one of the Instagram marketing tips and strategies.

A brand needs to be very consistent in posting pictures, videos, etc. on Instagram. Posting at particular times of the day, especially during the peak hours of the day when the followers are online, is an excellent way to schedule your Instagram posts.


Determine the correct times for posting the content


According to a few surveys, the best time to post between 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and around 2:00 p.m.

These are the time slots when the maximum Instagram users scroll their feed to enjoy their time.


Using the Instagram analytics tools, the brand can easily find out what are the peak hours and the best days to post. A brand should post around one to three posts per day.


Also, a calendar can schedule posts.


Do not over post, we repeat, “Do not over post”


Excess of anything is bad, and the same applies to post on Instagram. The brand has to avoid posting on Instagram as it might lead to being a turnoff for the followers.

Promote your Instagram on every social media platform possible:


To be a pro at Instagram, you need to promote your Instagram page on every social media platform.

So, from Facebook to the brand’s website, from Twitter to LinkedIn, the more you promote your Instagram, the more visitors you will have on your Instagram.


Best ways to promote Instagram handle


The best way to do this is to create Instagram icons on the homepage of all your social media accounts. Connecting the brands from Facebook to the brand Instagram account helps in creating a loyal follower base.


By promoting the brands, Instagram brings in a lot more traffic to the brand’s Instagram page creating brand awareness and increasing business

Connect and relate to your followers, building relationships matter:


Another important step that counts a lot when we talk about Instagram marketing is creating a relationship with the followers and connecting with them.

So, to connect with the followers it is important to post content and responding to the reactions of the followers.

Hence, a brand can connect with the followers by interacting with them.

This interaction can increase by replying to the follower’s comments, replying to their queries on DM’s and re-posting images uploaded by the followers which have the brands hashtag.

Giving picture credits and encouraging people to use the brand’s hashtag are a few ways in which we can create a bond between the followers and the business.


Support a social cause, the cause will support your business


To connect and related with the followers of another way is to support a cause relevant to both the brand’s motive and the follower base of the brand.

So, supporting social causes helps in creating a very healthy reputation of the brand amongst the users does helping in increasing the trust of the users on the brand.


Hence, connecting on a deeper personal level is something that a brand should plan on doing.

Engagement is the key to unlock the world of Instagram marketing:


Nothing can replace engagement.

Engagement ratio is a very important factor when we talk about Instagram marketing tips. So, it is very important to understand the mindset of potential customers.


An Instagram profile reflects what the brand business.

For anyone who lands on your Instagram profile, they become a follower or not takes a glance at the feed.

So, this is the reason it is very important to curate engaging and high-quality content.


Aim for high, engaging content


Most noteworthy, for creating engaging content, we advise it to build a consistent and aesthetically built profile.

A regular posting of Instagram stories can also increase engagement.


So, 75% of teenagers from the US believe that Instagram is better for brands to reach out to potential customers.


Brands like Zara, Nike and Adidas have unlocked the secret of creating higher engaging content with innovative posts and campaigns.


Ways to increase engagement on Instagram


We can increase engagements in various ways i.e giveaways, contests, live videos, sharing BTS and constantly responding to followers.


If your business hosts regular meetings and events, it is a great idea to showcase them onto the Instagram feed.

Create Shopping posts and make the customers shop, shop, and shop:

Another simple Instagram marking tip is using shopping posts. Because this is an excellent feature provided by Instagram, which increases the opportunities for Instagram marketing.

So, Using the Instagram shopping post on Instagram feed something that can be exploited to take a lot of advantage.


Certainly it becomes very easy for the customers to shop for the products that show in the picture.

Similarly, in these posts, there is a shopping link for the depicted product along with its price.


Generate shopping links via Instagram posts


Because of the shopping link we direct the users to a URL where they can directly purchase the products from.


So, 13% of US social media users shop on Instagram. Around 130 million Instagram users click on the shopping posts every month.


Post multiple pictures in a single post is important Instagram marketing tip:


We commonly know this feature is common as the carousel posts. Using this feature for Instagram marketing is a creative way to increase business.

Furthermore, using this feature, the brand can promote the new line of products via a single post.


Similarly, carousel posts can incorporate both videos and pictures in the same post for a creative outlook.


In such posts, We can show the before and after-effects of a particular product.


Always have a call to action:

Having a CTA is very important. It helps in increasing both: brand’s revenue and customer base. CTAs help in increasing the conversion ratios.

Few examples of CTAs are: “Add to cart”, “Read more”, “Write to us”, “Sign Up” especially when used as buttons.



By using all these simple Instagram marketing tips and strategies, a brand can not only become the next trending business but also climb ladders of success.

Therefore, Instagram is a plethora of marketing options to the brands and it depends on how they convert these features into opportunities and these opportunities for success.


The best thing about Instagram is the fact that it is evolving with time and has new features to offer to the users every time they update.


We hope to see brands adapt these marketing strategies and we would love to see businesses succeed. We are happy to help in case you would like to adopt these marketing strategies.

12 Instagram Marketing Tips And Strategies For 2020 To Boost Your Business

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