7 Important Marketing Lessons From Nature

nature and marketing

Nature teaches us a number of things, from survival to self-discovery and from caring for sharing. But did we ever think about the marketing lessons that nature has been constantly teaching us?

Well, yes we did.

While thinking about how nature can help us and business growth we came across a lot of things that nature has been teaching us.

The earth is 4.5 billion years old and has much more experience in getting things done then all of us have combined.

Here’s a list of what nature has to teach us and how we can market our business better by our learning’s from nature:

Grabbing the attention of the world

What attracts us the most when we look all around us is bright colors, beautiful sounds, and vibrant landscapes.

Everything bright and vibrant is absolutely attractive and what we learn from this is to grab the attention of the world/weavers by using the same concept taught to us by mother nature.

For using this lesson by nature we can opt for bright colors for website landing pages.

The beauty of these colors can also be important in optimizing buttons and other features which are very significant for any website.

By implementing the uses of bright colors and attractive features for a website a website can eventually increase their conversion rates.

Need to stand out amongst everything

Camouflaged is another example of marketing lessons from nature. A person becomes unnoticeable when a person is in camouflage.

To be visible and noticeable it is important to stand out of the crowd and do something unique that grabs the attention of the viewers.

For example, if in a certain locality there are 5 coffee shops and you want to open another one you will need more than just coffee to be noticeable and to stand out from all the other existing coffee shops.

For doing this, a really important digital marketing feature is branding.

The better you plan about your branding strategy, the more the chances increase of being the best seller amongst the rest.

You can always count on us at Bizadmark for all your branding related queries and strategic planning.

Our branding team can help you with this requirement.

Do not put all your investments in one basket

In the plant world, the competition for survival and growth is pretty tough.

It is a basic requirement for them to get their seeds dispersed everywhere and for doing the same the plants come up with various different strategies to make sure that their seeds are dispersed everywhere.

While some of the seeds are dispersed because the plant is able to attract a bird and this bird takes the seeds to different places.

Some plants depend on rain for their seeds to disperse and spread to their destinations.

From this, we learn that we should not be dependent on any specific area or category for generating leads for a business and rather try all possible measures for generating leads and increasing the business.

This can be easily implemented by investing in a lot of digital marketing strategies such as SEO, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, and every other option that can help a specific business to grow and reach the heights of success.

So in order to make sure that you do not invest all your marketing funds into you just one strategy make sure to bifurcate the funds and focus on every different marketing strategy possible.

Adapting to the surroundings is really important

Plants and animals easily adapt to their surroundings according to the climate.

Taking an example of a camel and cactus that even survive in the deserts. Similarly, for a business it is very important to adapt according to the market.

Adapting to the market’s primary means to keep our business updated according to the current market trends.

A company will have absolutely different marketing strategies for the growth of their business for attracting customers of different types.

The planning of the marketing strategy depends a lot on the target audience.

The advertisements and marketing strategies for baby boomers are going to be entirely different for advertisements for millennials.

For implementing this learning proper market research is important which has a better understanding of segmentation of the target audience, positioning, and targeting of potential customers.

Along with this, data analysis and mining are very important for a business to keep up with the trending market scenarios.

Creativity is non-negotiable

Another example of a marketing lesson from nature is creative people such as artists, musicians, philosophers, and writers have always derived their inspiration from nature to create their masterpiece.

For any business to grow exponentially, it is very important that the business attracts potential customers and it is creativity that plays an important role in attracting the target audience.

Even some of the greatest architectural ideas got inspiration from observing what nature has to offer.

Creativity is a diverse range and can be a part of every possible step of the marketing and planning strategies. Click To Tweet

A few ways to implement creativity is by creating attractive web designs.

From content marketing to the layout of the website and from posting pictures to editing them everything involves creativity.

Creativity has no boundaries. It can be present in all the subsets of digital marketing planning.

Evolve or lose to competitors present around

One of the prominent marketing lessons from nature is that there is no place for dead weight in nature.

If you can’t perform or are unable to evolve then, unfortunately, you are going to fail and fall.

However this concept of “evolve or die” has compelled every living being to perform their best and deliver the maximum that they can.

It is important for even us to make sure to question each and every aspect of our business and make it go through a stringent test to make sure that we have evolved over time and are absolutely not monotonous at all.

The more we evolve, the better are the chances of our business being successful.

In the present fast-paced world where everything changes within the blink of an eye, it is very important to evolve and be the latest version.

The only way out to revolve is to actively participate in considering and performing digital marketing.

If by now you haven’t started investing in digital marketing it is already high time that you do.

Also if you are already taking care of the digital marketing perspective of your business, you need to make sure that you haven’t missed out on any important changes and updates which are coming up in the digital world.

The digital world is changing every day and it is evolved from text search to voice search in almost no span of time. Click To Tweet

So to be updated about the competition in the business field, it is very important to be geared up and all prepared for facing the changes happening every now and then and in the digital vicinity.

Nature Never Believes In Hurrying

Nature doesn't hurry but the fact is that everything is accomplished. Click To Tweet

One of the important marketing lessons from nature is patience.

If you have spent time in the forest, the desert near the ocean you must have noticed that nature never seems to be in a hurry.

Talking about animals, the squirrels move at their pace and the birds fly as fast as they feel like.

Also, the plants grow at their own pace and do what they are supposed to do.

None of the natural elements are rushing towards anything.

The same situation is with businesses especially if you are looking for establishing long-term business with constant growth.

Attaining short-term business growth might be easy but it is never going to last forever. In some cases, it might still last for a while but in most cases, it is going to vanish within some time.

In the everyday change in market situations, a business faces a lot of difficulties such as upcoming competitors, change in the market, and change in technology as well.

Because of all these changes, it is always better to focus on long term growth and not off for short term growth.

For doing this SEO is the best option. SEO might be a slightly slow process but in the longer run. It is going to deliver the results which will be worth the wait and time spent.


Nature has been a constant teacher and keeps on teaching new lessons to human beings.

The more you seek answers from nature the more happily nature delivers it to you.

These were certain things that we learned from nature about marketing and we also talked about how we can implement these lessons into planning digital marketing strategies for a business.

We at Bizadmark, believe in staying updated, evolve with time, and target for long-term business growth for our customers.

In case there is anything that you would want to implement to your business we are just an email away.

Feel free to reach out to us for any of your digital marketing requirements.


7 Important Marketing Lessons From Nature

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