How To Create An Effective Marketing Strategy Like McDonald’s?

Effective Marketing Strategy Like McDonald’s

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A marketing strategy that gave McDonald’s over 37,855 outlets in more than 90 countries and more than $21 billion in annual worldwide sales must be very effective.

Is there any part of McDonald’s marketing strategy that you can adopt for your business? Is there something that you can do that can help you get your business growing like McDonald’s?

Here are the five points of wisdom from the marketing strategy of McDonald’s that you can easily apply to your business strategy.


  • McDonald’s Prioritize Customer Satisfaction

McDonald’s understand that the path to a successful business goes through customer satisfaction.

Having understood this thing, all their actions are directed in this direction.

They are very fast at adapting according to the changing needs of customers. You can see their strong focus on customer satisfaction from a very early age.

The company was started to give Americans a better and faster burger-ordering experience in the restaurants.

Before McDonald’s entered the market, the consumers were required to wait for a long time to get their order of a not-so-good quality burger from a restaurant.

Not just the quality of burgers, even the quality of customer service was also not up to the mark. MDonalds’s understood the problem that customers were facing and solved it.

They gave their users burgers that were of better quality, were served in a cleaner environment by a friendly staff in a peaceful atmosphere.

McDonald’s is known to serve with a smile and prioritize happy customers over any other thing. Click To Tweet

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  • McDonald’s Is Fast At Adapting

McDonald’s adapt according to the changing need of customers and also, according to the changing time.

According to the changing times, McDonald’s added new food items to their menu, made changes in the decor, and opened new outlets.

In addition, McDonald’s also understood their customers’ needs very well. And their menus reflect the culture and country they are a part of.

So, you’re going to find completely new items in India, Moscow, Paris, and Beijing. McDonald’s did that to serve better their customers.

  • McDonald’s Deliver What They promise

An important piece of advice that is often overlooked by businesses is to always treat your customers the way you want to be treated. Click To Tweet

You should never even think of diverting from your brand promise just because it seems like a very small thing to you and you assume that customers won’t notice.

But customers do notice and it hurts the trust of the customers that they share with your brand.

McDonald’s has a motto of ‘QSC & V’, which stands for Quality, Service, Cleanliness, and Value. And they have consistently succeeded in delivering those promises.

Whenever you enter McDonald’s, you can be sure that you are getting a good quality burger, served with a smile to you in a clean restaurant. Moreover, they never stop trying to bring more customer value.


  • McDonald’s Know Their Customers

You can create customer satisfaction only when you know your customers well and when you understand what they want. Click To Tweet

McDonald’s invests heavily in customer research.

From understanding a new target market to understanding their existing customers, they are doing it all.

Because of all this research that they are able to make their restaurant successful even in a challenging environment of Moscow.

In fact, they were the first fast-food restaurant in Moscow.

Even in India, their strategy reflects that they know their customers. They know that India has a majority of vegetarians. Keeping that in mind, they introduced many vegetarian food items in their Indian restaurant menu.


  • McDonald’s Know The Value Of Advertising

Many business owners still consider advertising as an expense rather than seeing it as an investment.

Kroc from McDonald’s was able to grasp the importance of advertising from the very beginning.

He knew that advertising was an investment that is going to generate results many times over the invested amount.

Furthermore, advertising plays a very important role in McDonald’s marketing strategy.

They have been using advertising so that more and more people become aware of them and remember their products.

McDonald’s have been using advertising to gain the top-of-mind share of their customers and to make their brand synonymous with fast and good quality meals.

Not just that, they are also investing in advertising to keep their image positive, to remind people that they are here to serve their customers in the best possible way.



Your customer base comprises of various subsets of unique customers who have different preferences.  That’s why your marketing strategy needs to do more than just accepting those changes. A good marketing strategy will reflect those differences in its action plan.

The entire process of building a marketing strategy should always start with customer research. Click To Tweet

If you have no clue who your customers are and what they want, you will never be able to solve their problems and increase their satisfaction level.

McDonald’s big empire is built by having a strong focus on customer satisfaction and customer value.

So, these two are undoubtedly the building blocks of a successful business. And you should make these two an important part of your marketing strategy as well.

If you think your marketing strategy lacks something, get in touch with us and together we will figure it all out.

How To Create An Effective Marketing Strategy Like McDonald’s?

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