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This is the millennial era, and in this era, millennial marketing reigns supreme.

“If ever there was a mobilizing energy, it is the millennial generation. So we have the power to turn out and even win this race. Not to split the vote, but to flip the vote.” – Jill Stein

Millennials. The most mysterious, unique, and one of a kind generation of all times. 

Some call them lazy, some call them opportunists, while others call them downright liberal and open-minded. 

One way or the other, millennials have always managed to be in the spotlight of the world, brands, and the markets alike. 

Why The Millennials Hype?

According to studies done over the last few years, it is proven that millennials constitute more than a trillion-dollar economy in the US alone.

Moreover, they have a buying power of over $700 million. 

Not only this, but They are also high when it comes to the volume of the customer base, as they alone constitute about 80% of the total customer base in the US. 

Hence, many brands have always wanted to target millennials, but quite many have also failed because their way of approaching them was quite off.

We the millennials are a tricky generation who don’t get easily impressed. Click To Tweet

So how does a brand connect with us?

We will find out all of those answers here. 

So sit back, relax, and read on. 

Who Are Millennials?

Different studies have different years to define who belongs to the millennial generation.

So compiling all studies, millennials are people born between 1977 to 2000. More facts here

They are the kids of baby boomers and are typically referred to as gen Y. 

So basically, I’m a millennial, and so are about 43% of people who are reading this article.

That’s quite a number, isn’t it?

Now let’s see what are some of the characteristics to spot a millennial apart from our mighty birth certificates. 

What Are The Characteristics Of Millennials? 

Millennials Are Technologically Advanced

Amongst all generations, millennials shine as one of the most technologically advanced generations. 

And guess what, we will judge your company too based on its tech-savviness (if that’s even a word, doesn’t matter I invented it).

According to a study, a millennial spends an average of 7.5 hours per day on the Internet. 

Moreover, according to a Nielsen study, 61% of millennials engage in online buying for FMCG alone. 

Hence, creating a brand presence that’s digitally active and present is the way to our hearts. 

We Are Creative Thinkers

Say what you want. Call me a brag but we millennials are creative thinkers. 

Give us any problem and we will always want to solve it in the most unique, creative way one can imagine.

And that’s exactly what we expect from the brands these days. 

Every millennial, would prefer a brand that has got a unique, creative style of handling even mundane and ordinary things. Click To Tweet

That’s exactly what will make them shine in the eyes of us millennials. 

Really not bragging my friend, as Sherlock says “it is what it is”. 

Millennials know how to voice opinions

Be it introverts or extroverts, but us millennials know how to put our point across.

Moreover, we don’t believe in sugar-coating, if we don’t like something we will say it like it is. 

Furthermore, if we did like something, we will go extra miles to let everyone know how much we liked a product or a service or a brand at that. 

So all in all, millennials are people tricky to handle but will be your best customers if you play your cards right. 

Millennials seek information and transparency

Another one of our qualities I like is that we are information and transparency seekers. 

Planning every move ahead is something millennials prefer and they want to know everything about a brand before making a decision.

They don’t believe in future surprises or hidden facts that may cause them to regret their decision later.

So you want to impress a millennial? Offer them complete information, complete transparency, and give them everything in detail. They’ll be all yours. 

Which Brands Got Millennial Marketing Right?

Netflix Got No Chill

When talking about millennial marketing, one brand that always has it’s A-game on is Netflix. 

They know the trends, they know their audience and they know how to keep them hooked. 

They keep up with the trends, the pop culture that millennials must be interested in and they execute all of it like you wouldn’t believe. 

From creativity to wit and humor, they get everything right.

Let me give you an example of one of their recent Instagram posts.

So I was just browsing through Instagram, and one meme hooked me. It had Samara Weaving. And the other had Samara “Waving” getting the pun?

I found it so incredibly on point and I’m sure many millennials like me did too. 


One of the humbling characteristics of us millennials is that we prefer convenience over possession. 

And Uber used this characteristic to their advantage.

Since they know millennials are all about working on the weekdays and partying on the weekends.

Uber has incorporated all of these elements and given it all to their marketing and advertising strategy. 

From Uber pools to economic rides. They know convenience over everything. 

And that wins the millennials. 

Dove Ads

As a millennial and as a person, Dove’s marketing and advertising is one of my most favorites. 

Millennials are passionate people and seek strong uplifting and liberal advertising.

The one that really touches their hearts. 

Dove sends unapologetic, authentic, and uplifting messages across with its marketing. 

Moreover, it creates a deep impact on every free thinker like a millennial and that’s why it wins their hearts.

How To Crack Millennial Marketing Code?

So now I think we have quite a clear idea of how millennials thought process and selection perception works. 

The next step is to understand how we can attain millennial-focused marketing and advertising strategy. 

Not only this, but we also need to have a point-blank execution too, because well, millennials are perfectionists and they’ll find the tiniest mistake in your execution. 

Don’t worry, I’ll give you some tips to crack our mystery. 

However, the execution, creation, and creativity are all dependent on you.

Everyone needs to take a unique approach, then we decide which one works for us and which doesn’t. 

So let’s see what can we keep in mind for millennial-driven marketing and advertising strategy. 

Social Media For The Win

According to studies, almost 98% of the millennials are on their smart devices, mainly phones. 

Moreover, about 87% of these spent most of their time on social media channels, top three being Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

So it is very important to have your brand presence and an appealing one at that across these channels. 

Not only placing advertisements as a means of subtle promotion, but there also has to be a consistent, compelling, and create an engaging social media presence.

Only then will your brand be able to catch the eyeballs of millennials. 

The power of social media is so strong that the studies suggest that about 40% of the purchase decisions of Millennials are made while they’re on these social media channels. 

So now you understand how strong your social media marketing game needs to be if you want to attract the millennial customer base?

If You’re For The Cause, Millennials Are For You. 

Millennials are different from the rest.

They’re more likely to be inclined toward a brand that supports some kind of social cause. 

Or the one that sends out a good, uplifting social message.

Now you understand why so many millennials prefer Dove? 

Because it’s advertisements are compelling, liberal, and uplifting. 

Moreover, studies even suggest that 37% of millennials would buy a product if it supports a social cause they believe in even if it means paying extra. 

So if you can incorporate a social cause into your marketing and advertising strategy, nothing better than that. 

Millennials Want Their Opinions To Be Heard.

An engaging ad will work, but an interactive one will do wonders. 

Millennials are people with some great ideas, and they want their points to be put across and be heard. 

Remember Lays? How every time they come up with an advertisement that lets the general audience contribute?

From guessing the flavor to posting a photo with Lays smile, Lays has always been in the endgame of interactive marketing.

And that’s why it’s been ruling the heart of millennials since forever. 

Getting my point?

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Millennial Marketing Summed Up

So there it is, I brought you all the secrets of us millennials that I could think of. 

Millennials are amazing people, if only you know which chords to hit and which frequency to hit it on.

It’s an interesting and competitive arena to explore. 

Also, it calls for not only a creative approach but an all-around creative, analytical, and informative approach to marketing strategy.

So are you ready for the task? Or is it getting too much too quick? 

Don’t worry. We are always here to help. After all, I’m a millennial too and who understands a millennial better than another? (wink emoji). 

Millennial Marketing FAQs

Who Are Millennials?

Millennials are the people who are currently between the age of 18-36 years. 

Why Is Millennial Marketing Important?

Millennial marketing is very important because they constitute a big share of buying power. 

How Can I Get More Millennials To Choose My Brand?

A good balance of data, research, and creativity along with interactive design will help you attract millennials.

Where To Begin With Millennial Marketing Strategy?

Different brands have a different style, to begin with, but I’d suggest starting with trend research. That’s a good place to begin.

Do Marketing Agencies Specifically Handle Millennial Marketing?

That depends, many full-service marketing agencies like Bizadmark are equipped with the expertise to handle millennial marketing. 

Where Do I Begin My Research On Millennial Marketing?

Start from the start. The key to understanding millennial marketing is understanding millennials first. That’s where you begin. 

That’s it 

I hope these provide you with some clarity and give you some direction about millennial marketing. 

If you have any other questions you want to ask, let us know or drop those in the comments.

We are all ears. 

Millennial Marketing Reigns Supreme | Bizadmark – New York, USA

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