Most Important Thing That You Should Not Ignore in Your SEO Strategy

Working on your business SEO is a very long process. I mean very long!

With Google using more than 200 factors to rank a website and each of those factors need an extensive strategy individually, it’s highly possible that you can end up missing one thing or another.

There is one important thing that you should start working on right away for improving your SEO and that is Schema Markup.

Schema markup is a microdata vocabulary and looks like HTML code.

What is Schema Markup?

It’s a code that you are required to add on your website to help search engines understand your website/blog better and in this process, to become more informative to their users. Schema is not supposed to be for your entire web content, but for the most important one on your website like your brand name, contact address, URLs, etc.

One can also say that it is a website optimization process which helps in adding meaning to the words on your webpage.

It provides the search engines the most useful and relevant information about your business which search engines, in turn, uses to help right users to reach the right websites.

This is also referred to as structured data or microdata.

What these markups can be?

There is a long list for this but every word is self-explanatory there, so you don’t have to worry much.
This markup can be for identifying –

1 – Local businesses
2- Articles
3- Creatives like movies, books, TV shows, etc
4 – Products
5 – Events
and many others

Why do I need Schema Markup?

This is a very underutilized thing so far in the area of SEO. Schema markups are mainly meant for search engines. They help to describe your business to the search engines.

Though not a ranking factor itself, it has the power to affect SEO.

It helps in increasing the click-through rate which increases the website traffic. This tells the search engines that the user has found what it was looking for, further improving your search ranking.

Even now less than 1% of web domains are using schema markup.

The reason behind that can be that it looks tough because it’s that HTML looking language most of us don’t understand or people are still not aware of how schema can help you improve your SEO. But the fact is that it’s very easy to implement and there are even various plugins for it.

One study found that websites with markup generally rank higher than other websites. 


It’s not tough or time-consuming to implement Schema on your webpage. And the benefits of having it can’t be ignored. 

In our future articles, we will be discussing the plugins that can be used to help you in making this process even easier.

Is your website marked up with schema? If not, what’s stopping you from doing that. Comment below and we will try to find a solution for you, or just send us a message.


Most Important Thing That You Should Not Ignore in Your SEO Strategy

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