Phil Dunphy’s Marketing Quotes You Really Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

Let’s talk about some marketing philosophy shared by Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family, in his quotes.

In today’s television and the digital streaming world, there exist many TV dads. Some stronger like Short-lived Ned Stark while others soft and sweet like Dany Tanner. But throughout these dads coming and going. There’s one special dad who has a brilliant combination of sweetness, wittiness and hilarity.

phil dunphy marketing quotes

And yes, that rad dad is Phil Dunphy.

For anyone who sees Modern Family (and I’m sure there are millions of you like me) always have loved the hilarious character this guy is. And loved what justice Ty Burrel does to the character. Wow, I’m doing their marketing for free right here right now!

The show has a huge ensemble cast, but I can bet most of ours’ favourite character is, in fact, Phil Dunphy. So I thought, why not take pages from his iconic book “Philsosophy” and modify it a little to cater to our marketing environment?

I know I know you must be thinking why you didn’t come up with this idea. Well, because I’m awesome?

As the last season of this iconic show nears its end, we present you with a few of the modified compilations of “Philsosophy”. While it’s going to be really hard to say goodbye to a show that touched so many lives and so many hearts, We can always marvel on the wisdom that Phil Dunphy always shared and modify it to suit our needs.

His “Philsosophy” will live on!

So, Sit back and enjoy these digital marketing quotes by Phil Dunphy.

 Marketing Quotes  By Phil Dunphy


marketing quote by phil dunphy

 “If you love something, set it free. Unless it’s a Tiger.” – Phil Dunphy


If you love something, set it free, unless it’s your SEO technique.

Marketing Version


Well simply put, Phil is the master realtor, and whatever he says is like the holy truth. So for us marketing people, it’s absolutely unimaginable to set SEO free.

Simply put, digital marketing without SEO is Phil Dunphy without his passion for Magic Tricks. Can you imagine Phil Dunphy without his love for magic? No right? it doesn’t make sense at all. That’s exactly how important SEO is in a digital marketing arena.

Moreover, it’s the most important aspect of digital marketing as the majority of the traffic is driven through search engines. Organic traffic is the best kind of traffic. All you need to do is have your SEO keywords game on point and you will not only improve your reach and visibility, but you will also top the ranking.

Sounds like a win-win right?

Hence we’ve to hold on to this Philsosophy and focus all our energy and resources on generating organic traffic.

phil dunphy digital marketing

You can tell a lot about a person from his Biography. – Phil Dunphy


You can tell a lot about a business through its marketing plans!

Marketing Version


Phil may look dumb to Mr. Jay Pritchett but even he got to admit that Phil was indeed smart at times.

And no matter how hard Jay tried, he couldn’t help but adore and admire Phil and even respect him secretly.  I mean who wouldn’t know everything about a person from his/her biography?

Similarly, everything that’s the root and stem of a solid marketing strategy in a firm can be understood via its marketing plan. A marketing plan is a blueprint, the nervous system of the marketing of any brand.

You can know every small detail about a brand through its marketing plan and utilize these plans to the best of your advantage, Just like a person’s biography. Didn’t I say Phil is smart?

For businesses, it’s like an autobiographical depiction of everything that their brand represents. Fascinating stuff right? Better thank Phil!


Dance until your feet hurt. Sing until your lungs hurt. Act until you’re William Hurt. – Phil Dunphy


Snuggle like otters, do magic like Harry Potter, and have marketing knowledge like Philip Kotler.

Marketing Version


Just like William hurt, the supreme being of Hollywood, we have Philip Kotler, the supreme being of the marketing world. Ask any marketing person where he got his primary knowledge and love for marketing from, Most will have the same answer, it all started with that book on marketing by Philip Kotler.

We all have learned a lot from Mr. Kotler, haven’t we? Especially the mighty marketing executives, they got their primary knowledge from this little book written by Kotler. And even now after all these years, Kotler continues to influence the marketing world and the people involved in this world.

Everyone strives to have the knowledge and practicality about knicks and knacks of marketing like Mr. Kotler.

So Phil is right, after all, if you want to be a great actor, you might want to be like William hurt. A poetic reference if you will.

Similarly, if you want to master all that is marketing and more, make Philip Kotler your idol.

Strive to be him!

Knowledgeable and practical!

Phew! Who’s the man? Phil’s the man!


phil dunphy marketing

 Never be afraid to reach for the stars because even if you fall, you’ll always be wearing a Parent-chute ™ – Phil Dunphy


Never be afraid to try grand out of the box marketing strategy, because even if you fail, you’ll at least be wearing a multi-dollar executive suit!™

Marketing Version


Phil is so amazing. He always has his kids’ backs and almost never loses his calm, and Phil being Phil, he has got the perfect metaphor for his parenting game which is on point by the way.

He is the “ParentChute” for his kids. and more frankly so, he is. All dads should take parenting lessons from Phil. No matter how soft and goofy he can seem out to be. He is equally sensitive, firm and understanding as a father. Parenting game on point Phil!

Similarly, If your business has huge potential, it will always show up in monetary terms too. Big brands earn millions and millions of dollars and a big chunk of it goes to the marketing department. So you must never hesitate to go all out with your marketing ideas.

In fact, in today’s highly competitive world, playing it safe isn’t going to get a brand anywhere. You are marketing people, it is your job description to go all out and bring the best marketing strategies and ideas for your clients. And even if the ideas fail sometimes and they will, its an experience, and it is worth taking the risk for.

Smart boy Phil!


marketing quote phil dunphy

If you are ever in a jam, a crayon scrunched upon under your nose makes a good pretend mustache. Original Philsosophy  by Phil Dunphy


If you’re ever in a web traffic jam, the jumping dinosaur game is a good time pass.

Marketing Version


Now this one is a fun one. We talked a lot of heavy-duty marketing stuff, getting into what a marketer should and shouldn’t do, but hey! Even we marketers need some fun. We’ve all been in a place where our internet gives upon us, and we have all played the jumping dinosaur game.

However, If you say you haven’t then I don’t believe you because you are so clearly being untrue.  Web traffic if goes beyond control can jeopardize quick and easy access to the website and shut it off completely.

So before it crashes your website, you must find a way to lower the traffic. A simple halt can work wonders. So when in halt play the dinosaur game.


 When life gives you lemonade, make lemons. Life will be all “Whaaaat?” – Phil Dunphy


When your customers give you a bad review, give them a good review. Customers will be like whaaaaaa?

Marketing Version


Negative reviews trouble every business, be it emotionally or financially or both. It is a part and parcel of every business. No matter how well you conduct your business, there will be one customer who has some problem with it. It’s a matter of sensitivity when customers give you a bad review because you cannot afford to be bitter about it even though you’re.

So when they give you a bad review, you channel your inner Gandhi and be as polite and positive to them as you can.

Remember even negative publicity is publicity, and even though we want the negatives to be at a bare minimum, your reaction and the way you handle that negative review will say a lot about you. If you play your cards right, you can use that negative review to your advantage.

In addition to that, it would let them know that you take it all in stride and you have got what it takes.


And now for the bonus modified Phil Dunphy Marketing Quote


Brands are perfectionists, which sometimes is a good thing, like when it comes to picking a marketing agency called Bizadmark.


See what I did there? That’s a little self deserving marketing. (I Believe in the Philsosophy of “Love Yourself”)

If you also love Phil Dunphy Marketing Quotes and can relate to these. Or have some new ones to add, let us know in the comments section below.

Phil Dunphy’s Marketing Quotes You Really Wouldn’t Want To Miss!

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