How Can You Reach A Larger, Fresh And Relevant Audience Through Podcasts?


The answer lies in two simple words. Podcast Advertising. The most unique and relatively new form of advertising is here and we are here to help you make the best out of it. We are an agency providing podcast advertising solutions in Louisville, KY.

We help you reach rich audience and gain conversions through this emerging form of digital audio advertising! 


What Is Podcast Advertising?

It’s almost like listening to an advertisement on the radio, except podcasts are available on demand and there may be a better chance to target more relevant group of customers as they’re the ones who’ll be listening to a particular genre of a podcast. 

Podcast advertising is emerging out to be one of the very popular ways to bring about awareness about your products and services. 

To who you ask? To a more relevant group of targeted customers. Which is why it’s coming out to be a very effective form of advertising. 

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Podcast Advertisements Solutions Louisville- KY

Pre Roll

This podcast advertisement is placed right at the start of a podcast. Just before the host is starting the show or after he has introduced it. This kind of ad typically lasts between 15-30 seconds and is considered the shortest of all podcast advertisements.

Mid Roll

This is the most popular form of podcast advertising. It’s also the one that runs the longest. Lasting about 60-90 seconds, this advertising is placed as an interval in the middle of a podcast.

Post Roll

Lasting for about 20-30 seconds, post roll podcast advertisement is placed within the last segment or at the very end of a podcast episode. This can particularly be useful as a call to action element.

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What Are Latest Podcast Advertising Trends?

Let’s start answering this question with some statistics. According to recent reports, in the year 2018, podcast advertising revenue grew by 53% in the USA alone. It went on to reach an all time high stake of $479 Million. This doesn’t end here, reports further suggest that by 2021 podcast advertising revenue will cross the 1 billion mark. 

Surely sounds like a great platform to invest and advertising in right?


Why Podcast Advertising?

New Set of relevant audience

With podcast advertising, a brand will be in a position to reach an absolute fresh batch of relevant and target audience. The ones who listen to podcast. This platform provides a breath of fresh air to the brands.

Increased relevance

With podcast advertising, You’ll be targeting the exact audience you intend to target as they’ll be the ones who’ll be listening to a particular category of a podcast.

Better Engagement

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Multi platform access

Most advertising platforms just offer the value for one platform. But with podcasts, they’ve packages that provide you a benefit of multi platform access ranging from audio streaming to emails to social media marketing.

Greater chance of Conversion

Podcast listeners are belong to the highest capacity earning age of 20-54 years and will get you the conversion you desire if you play your cards well.

Greater chance of Trust

With podcasts, the listeners develop a sense of trust with the host. So when a host is advertising your product. The listeners will be far more attentive and responsive to it. They will trust the brand value of the host and in turn will trust the brand value of your product. End result? Increased conversions.

What can we do about your business’s podcast advertising requirements- together?

At Bizadmark, we care for you. We provide solutions for Podcast advertising in Louisville area. It’s always about you and always will be about you. And we strive to work along with you and cater to your advertising wants. 

We are committed to  always formulating a very efficient effective and attention-grabbing podcast advertising strategy – a strategy that not just catches the attention of the listeners but also the one that will persuade them to take action in favour of the brand that you are. 



Let's Witness The Magic of Podcast Advertising in Louisville, Ky

For your podcast advertising, We design effective, relevant and informative ads. We aim to help you build a brand that your customers are able to identify and relate with.

So come aboard and explore the marvels of podcast advertising in Louisville, Kentucky with us. 

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