The Dopest Rapper Marketing Guide Ever

With this article, we bring you the grooviest rapper marketing guide. You know what I’m sayin!

Ever walked the colorful streets of new york city and found a rapper? Didn’t you thoroughly enjoy their sheer vibrance? Rap artists are everywhere. 

They are loved, cherished and followed.

But they need marketing too. They need to be seen, heard and brought to limelight. (I want to be seen!)

But first, let’s understand what does it mean to be an artist.

What does it mean to be an artist?

As an artist, you are the brand yourself.

A brand, in this digital age, needs to be seen, heard and experienced like never before.

Generate the steamy buzz you desire and attract the crowd you truly connect with. With marketing, you’ll not only be visible, but you’ll also shine!  

All our focus and passion is to serve you in the most creative, strategically accurate and analytically appropriate manner.

We put your success ahead of our own, and we have fun doing it. We have a comprehensive menu, and its a “take your pick” all the way.

You choose what you prefer, for the timeline you prefer. You get what you want when you want and in the manner you want. It is your vision we bring to life!

What does it mean to be a rapper (rap artist)?

Everyone in the world is aware of rap music. Not only that many also cherish it.

Rappers are simple, they just want to make music and send the message across.  But the glitch is many aren’t focusing on marketing their music.

This is why most rappers don’t get the recognition they deserve. But why is it that they are willing to make music but not willing to promote it?

Let’s find out the answers.

Rapper Marketing Guide in New York City

Why aren’t rappers marketing themselves?

It’s no news that rap artists aren’t putting enough focus on marketing themselves and their music.

As a performing artist, you are the brand, and if you don’t market yourself, you’ll be lost in the ocean of rivals.

So why is it still difficult for a rapper to promote him/herself?

We think some of the following factors are playing a huge role in restraining them from taking the next step.

Firstly, as bitter as it may sound, many rappers think if they are bringing forth quality work, they’re bound to be successful.

Secondly, many rappers are also insecure and fear rejection and criticism.

Thirdly, many budding rap artists are new to this whole industry. They do want to market themselves but don’t know where to begin.

However, these aren’t the only reasons, there are many underlying reasons that must be present and unique to each rapper.

So what marketing services does a rapper require? How can he/she market himself? Let’s understand these facts here.

What marketing services does a rapper require?

Social Media Marketing and Advertising

As an artist and especially being involved in the music business, You have to be out there on social media at all times. 

People are existing there now and so are your target audience. Our team constantly updates your social media presence across all channels. 

We also experiment with our target audience now and then keeping certain criteria in mind such as interests, demographics and behavioral patterns.

You are the brand, We help you establish your position strong and steady across all channels and help you stand out. 


With you as the brand, we take on a strategic approach to Facebook marketing

We create content to match your audience and run your ads timely and efficiently. 

We also focus on increased engagements so that real-time connectivity between you and your target audience takes place.



We help you grow your audience with Twitter. With proper twitter tools in place. 

We create a long-lasting and stand out a presence for you on this platform. 

From display pictures to running ads, everything is every bit creative and speaks to YOU! 



We strive to get you genuine, authentic followers (Not ghosts followers who don’t do anything) and build you a strong fanbase.  

With Instagram, we go all out and display your talents across pictures, videos, live videos, and TVs. You will always be updated and so will your audience. 

Moreover, you can also do live virtual shows and engage with your fans on a real-time basis.

You will also be able to collaborate with other similar artists and further increase your presence.

From your upcoming shows to your latest brand collaborations. All will constitute a part of this Instagram advertising.



With Youtube, all your past and latest recordings will feature. Not only will the focus centered around increasing followers but also engagements.

With you, we will first try to build an organic fanbase, generate views and comments and then move on to paid promotions.

Most marketing firms claim they are building the brand but all they’re doing is spamming their followers with music links. 

There’s no genuine engagement with fans, no real interaction with followers, just blindly spamming link after link hoping they’re going to be the next big thing. 

Rest assured this won’t be the case with us.

Snapchat & Tiktok

Key benefits here will include an overall quirky approach to these fun social media apps. 

With a rapper, the tik-tok campaign approach will be taken along with many others. All in all a win-win situation for both the audience and you!

Web building

Web presence is a must. The heart of any digital marketing arena lies in its website performance.

With Bizadmark, you not only will get an overall outline of the website plan and performance. 

You can also redesign an old website and bring it back to life. From content creation to installing and operating plugins. All we do is for you.


Website Design

We design an easy to explore, light, and mobile and web-friendly website for you. 

With this website in place, You can do whatever you want to do on it – sell merchandise, collect email addresses, provide daily updates, post up touring videos, interact with fans using discussion board, etc.

All in all, it will be a place where your audience will get to know you better, your fans will be able to live the experience of knowing you and you will gain not only followers and preachers for life but also be seen globally with SEO


Website Copywriting

Our creative content team will work with you to create promotional content like free passes, singing for a cause, etc and also regular content displaying you and what you represent at your best.

Also, we will monthly keep updating the website, as per the latest trends and design the content accordingly. 


Search Engine Optimization

With content creation for the website, it’s also imperative that it ranks well on the search engine. 

Most users only view the top three positions on the search engines.

 With Bizadmark’s analytics team, SEO optimization will be our top priority. 

Your reach and ranking will improve and you’ll be truly seen!

Public Relations

As an artist, maintaining a positive public image comes as a part and parcel of the profession.

With the advent of digital culture, digital public relations is the new brain-bending element of digital marketing.

As a public figure, it’s sensitive to maintain a positive and impactful image locally and globally.

With Bizadmark, maintaining public relations both on the online and offline platform will be one of our prime focal elements. We will strive to serve you for the better in the following fields. 

  • Taking care of the pitch writing
  • Collaborating and communicating with journalists/influencers.
  • Undertaking online reputation management
  • Tracking media coverage
  • Managing Crises (if any )
  • Getting magazine write-ups
  • Helping get interviews with notable brand journalism and more. 

Branding and logo designing 

Digital Branding is very crucial to the functioning of an organization and a personal brand alike because not only will it make a memorable impression on consumers and audiences,  it will also give them an idea as to what to expect from you.

It is a way of distinguishing yourself from the competitors and letting them know how you are unique from what it is you offer that makes you the better choice.

We will pay very close attention to the branding, from logo designing, catchphrase to patented hashtags, we will make sure you stand out from your competitors.

Email Marketing

With email marketing, we will send out relevant and target emails to the target audiences, but at the same time, we will make sure we don’t annoy your fans and audience with frequent emails. 

We will send out whenever there is a music launch, or an upcoming tour or any other relevant event. 

Other important elements 


Spotify music promotion, among other things, can put you in the limelight.

All you have to do is get featured in the playlists of Spotify.

Spotify Playlists globally can be a great way to get you on the map.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is another important aspect of your digital marketing plan. 

Because they are always on the go to discover trends or fresh material to share with their supporters. 

Get featured in blogs, vlogs, social media accounts, and other platforms and gain authentic followers and audience and even fans!

Radio Advertising

We will help you collaborate with various radio channels both nationally and globally for your songs, interviews, Q&A and more.

Furthermore, we will also target these focal areas for distributing your music

  • Bandcamp
  • Soundcloud
  • iTunes
  • Reverbnation
  • datpiff
  • Bittorrent (Yes, you read it right.)
  • And more 

Why Us?

Top-Notch Creative team

Our creative team is led by multiple award winner Todd Perelmuter. Passion driven creativity is our Modus Operandi and we take great pride in that. 

The strategic thinking marketing team 

Our team strategically tailor makes every marketing move to give you the best results.

Data-Driven Approach

Hardcore research and analysis are undertaken by our team across all marketing channels.

Bizadmark uses cutting edge techniques to derive informative and inspirational real-time data.

Land Of Biggie Smalls

We are from the land where Biggie made it really big. You do know Where Brooklyn at!!!

24X7 Support

We set up an online project board to help keep you up-to-date and your campaigns organized.

All active campaigns include 24/7 support and if you have questions or need to start a new campaign, we’re always online at your beck and call.

What does it mean to have vast connections?

Vast connections with tens of thousands of website owners, influencers, news agencies, and online partners which takes years of relationship building.

Why our industry experience will benefit you?

14+ years of Industry experience and streamlined: SEO, PPC, Content Marketing, Web Development & Design. Our marketing and sales copywriters are ready to deliver all the content you need.


We specialize in providing all types of insightful, innovative and data-driven business growth solutions for maximizing both your web plus in-store traffic and return on investment by using an all-round strategic, creative and analytic plan in place.

We are also the artists, our art involves making your art scene, heard and felt. So are you ready to get your marketing groove on? let us know because we are ready to groove with you.



The Dopest Rapper Marketing Guide  Ever

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