Restaurant SEO Secrets Explained | Guide for 2020

This article has restaurant SEO explained to you in the quickest and easiest way possible.

How To Rank Your Restaurant On The First Page Of Google?

Ever thought why isn’t your restaurant fairing well even after all the facilities and deliciousness it offers? What can be done to change that?

Don’t worry we have all the answers. Let’s see what we will explore in this article.

Firstly, What Is SEO?

Secondly, What Is Restaurant SEO?

Then, What Restaurant SEO can do for your business?

How Is Restaurant SEO Different From Other Industries’ SEO?

Next, What Is Local SEO?

Also, What Is Restaurant Local SEO?

And. What Are Some Most Effective Restaurant SEO Tips & Tricks?

Moreover, What Is A Restaurant SEO Company?

Lastly, Restaurant SEO services by Bizadmark

Digital ordering and delivery have grown 300% faster than dine-in traffic since 2014. – QSR Magazine

Narrating a personal experience

A year ago, I was planning to open my restaurant. I did a lot of market research.

I had many long discussions with the successful hoteliers.

The most important thing that I learned at that time was restaurants are not the riskiest business. They don’t go out of business more than any other industry. 

Having said that, it doesn’t imply running a restaurant is so easy.

I have seen many restaurants shut their doors within a year of starting. Apart from various other reasons that lead to these failures, one of the most important reasons is poor or no marketing. 

Imagine owning a world-class designed restaurant with the most amazing chef. But nobody knows about it.

Do you think such a restaurant will survive for so long? Maybe in the starting week friends and families of the staff members will come.

Then a few word-of-mouth clients. Soon that number will start dying out as well.

Then you will try some desperate sales ideas which will prove ineffective as you are just forcing your products on others without them having any interest.

Soon, you will be out of energy and also money to keep the business going.

However, You can stop that from happening with your restaurant and nip this problem in the bud. 

How can you do that?

Marketing, Starting with restaurant SEO.


What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is the way of improving your search engine visibility and bringing your website on the first page of Google.


Next, what Is Restaurant SEO?

Like we discussed above, if nobody knows about your business, it’s going to make it tough for your business to survive. If you want more people to know about you, that means you want more visibility. 

As your ideal customer is looking for you on the internet, the internet is the place where you have to increase your visibility. Click To Tweet

Let’s think like a hungry person for a minute who is looking for a restaurant. 

What’s the first thing you are going to do?

Go to Google.

Search some restaurants based on the type of cuisine you are interested in eating. 

Google will show all the results. 3 local results and 10 other results. 

As you want a restaurant in your city, you will check the local results and click on More.

You will now see a long list of restaurants. 

How many Google pages are you going to check before deciding on a restaurant? Maybe one, maximum 3. 

Now, time to think like a restaurant owner again.

What happens if your business is not on those top 3 pages of Google? What if your restaurant is on the 10th page of Google? 

If somehow you can bring your restaurant on the first page of Google, imagine how many more people will get a chance to see you, learn more about you and become your customers. 

For achieving this, you need Restaurant SEO. 


Restaurant SEO: What can it do for your business?

It’s going to be a circle of events.

More visibility,

This will lead to,

More brand awareness

Which will lead to,

More people learning about you and going to your website

Now this will result in,

More people developing interest in your restaurant,

Which will get you, 

More customers,

This will help in generating, More Sales

 which means More Profits

 Leading to  more ROI

Isn’t that what you want your restaurant to achieve? 


How Is Restaurant SEO Different From Other Industries’ SEO?

Most of the other industries can target users living anywhere.

If they don’t have perishable products, it becomes easier for them to increase their customer base.

A New York based fashion store owner can ship its products to Los Angeles customers.

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Similarly, A Boston based software company can sell its products to Boulder based clients.

But a New York based restaurant can’t sell its products to the users of Los Angeles or Boulder. They are supposed to be in New York.

Not just that a restaurant customer doesn’t like commuting for more than 2 hours to reach a hotel.

Honestly saying, not even one hour. I have never commuted for more than half an hour myself for any kind of food. 

This makes the target audience of a restaurant owner very limited and targeted.

Restaurant SEO is also supposed to reflect those changes.

You don’t want to show your restaurant to the Los Angeles audience if you are located in Manhattan.

You want to show our search results to people who are in your neighborhood.

As a result, restaurants need more local SEO as it proves more effective for them.


What Is Local SEO?

This is a subcategory of SEO which aims to bring your business closer to your local customers by increasing your local search engine ranking.


Now, What Is Restaurant Local SEO?

It’s a way of connecting local users to your restaurants by increasing your visibility on the local search results.


Some Most Effective Restaurant SEO Tips?

There are various ways of improving your restaurant search and boosting your website traffic.

Tip 1: Google My Business

Google My Business is a great way of improving your local brand awareness.

You can set up your account there and then link it to any of the calls to actions – learn more, reserve, sign up, get offers and buy.

You can read here to learn more about how to use it.

Now, when people search for restaurants online, Google My Business listing or Bing My Business listing shows up based on the search engine used.

Consequently, making GMB and BMB has two most important lead generation channels. 

Here’s what can be done –

Start by claiming your Google My Business listing. 

Then, add all the details there.

Next, make sure that all the information you are providing there is up to date.

Add pictures, posts, keep your listing alive. Make sure your posts are unique and are optimized for search results.

Don’t just claim your listing and forget about it. You have to make sure that it shows all the current details of your business. 

Use GMB for marketing and promotion. It provides various options for that including creating events, posting current happenings from your business, and many more. 

Never forget to read your data. Just having a listing doesn’t do anything.

You have to also be actively reading your data. It can tell you so much about your customers and you can use that to build a loyal customer base.

Manage your reviews actively.

Keywords are very important in gaining a higher rank on Google. These keywords should be relevant to your business.

Moreover, keywords research should be done based on what your customers are searching for, your competitors, and what your business if offering.

Also, don’t forget that all this needs to be done in tune with SEO tricks. You can’t just add any detail or post anything, everything has to be search engine optimized so it shows in the results.

Tip 2: Bing My Business

Your audience is not just limited to Google, so your restaurant SEO efforts should also not be limited to Google.

You should also take advantage of Bing My Business to improve your Bing search engine visibility.

Bing My Business is just like Google My Business. Whatever you are doing at Google My Business, you can do even here. You have to make sure that it is search engine optimized as well. 

As not all the Google & Bing listings can come on the first page of Google or Bing, everything has to be done according to search engine algorithms.

Every algorithm decides a business ranking based on various factors.

Those are believed to be more than two hundred.

So, you can understand that just having a listing and keeping it active is not enough to improve your ranking.

You have to work on all those factors if you want to win over Google & Bing.

Tip 3: Claim Your Listings

You should add your business on every good local directory.

If the business already exists on these local directories, then you should claim it.

This way you can keep all the information up to date and can also keep an eye on the reviews.

Various websites where you should claim your listings are Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Apple Maps, etc..

Keep your information consistent everywhere otherwise, it will make the restaurant SEO active.

Make sure your business name, your location, your address, and your phone number match everywhere. 

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Tip 4: Reputation Management

As much as is location important for a restaurant, so is the reputation.

You have to pay attention to what people are saying about you and take action according to that.

To manage your reputation, you have to manage your reviews – on every channel. The biggest mistake you can make is leaving these reviews unanswered. 

Always remember that your reputation sells and it can increase or decrease your customer base.

Tip 5: SEO Friendly Website

Your website is your tool for attracting customers to your restaurant.

Even if your business is coming on the first page of Google but your website is poor looking, it won’t be able to develop as much interest of your audience in you as a good website can.

Your website needs to be search engine optimized and conversion oriented.

In addition to your website, make sure that your restaurant menu is also optimized and searchable.

If you are accepting online orders, make sure that your website is secure. A customer wouldn’t like to share their credit card details with an unsecured website.

Tip 6: Win Over Mobile Customer

Most of the restaurant customers are searching for their next lunch or dinner place on their mobile phones.

If your online business is not optimized for mobile, you are losing a lot of customers.

Mobile users prefer everything simple, easy, and fast. All your mobile marketing efforts should be aimed at achieving that. 

    • Mobile Website
      Make your website simple and easily navigable even on mobile phones. Make your website responsive. It should have a clear call to action and non-confusing designs.
    • Easy Reservations
      Make it easier for your customers to make and cancel reservations even on mobiles.
    • Accessible Menu
      Make it easier for your customers to find and browse your menu. Don’t just force a downloadable menu on your customers.
      Many of them have limited spaces on their phones and they would rather not prefer downloading one more document on their phones.
      Also, Many others are just considering and have not reached the decision-making stage yet.
    • Website Speed
      Website speed should be your top priority for wooing mobile users.
      Many websites are so badly designed that it takes forever to access their menu. Remember a customer doesn’t have so much patience.


What Is A Restaurant SEO Company?

A restaurant SEO company is the one that helps your restaurant with all the SEO work and makes sure to increase your brand awareness.

Restaurant SEO services by Bizadmark

Planning & implementing a restaurant SEO strategy specially designed for your business, your target audience, and your business goals. From competition research to keywords research, a good strategy will include everything.

  • Improving your visibility
  • Improving your search engine ranking on all your preferred search engines
  • Bringing your restaurant on the first of Google
  • Making sure that your business stays on the first page of Google and is not moved back because of Google algorithm changes or your competitor’s even stronger SEO efforts
  • Restaurant’s online review and reputation management
  • Managing your business listings everywhere



Restaurant SEO can help your business get more searches and more customers.

A good restaurant SEO is based on a solid SEO strategy.

If you think your business is not doing well as you expected, get in touch with us, And if you have any more insights to contribute, Let us know in the comments.

Restaurant SEO Secrets Explained | Guide for 2020

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