How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency? 5 Criteria to Keep in Mind

The idea of selecting your digital marketing agency seems very intimidating. Don’t worry, in this article, we will help you select a digital marketing agency.

The internet is full of digital marketing agencies, and freelance digital marketers. When you have so many options out there, getting confused is nothing but expected. 

What has lead to the rise of digital marketing agencies?

There are various reasons responsible for the rise of so many digital marketing agencies.

  • The first one is definitely a low barrier to entry.
  • The second one and the most crucial one is digital illiteracy.

Many business owners still don’t know what a digital marketing agency is and what it does. Read: Who needs digital marketing? What’s this fancy thing?

This makes it tougher for them to figure out who is the best one for their business. 

Many times they end up booking an inexperienced low-cost digital agency rather than an experienced digital marketing agency just to save some cost.

But when they see the results, they feel disappointed and assume that digital marketing is ineffective. That’s not the case. 

Additionally, digital agencies love using digital jargon while talking about what they do. This ends up confusing, even more, a digital marketing illiterate client. 

Because of that, I decided to educate all those business owners today who are actively looking for a digital marketing agency, or planning to change their current digital agency or are going to need one sooner or later on how to find the best digital marketing agency.

These are some of the key criteria on the basis of which you should rank your digital agency.

Experience Of Digital Marketing Agency or Digital Marketer

Experience matters.

When we do hiring for our business, we make sure to rank all the candidates based on their experience.

But when it comes to hiring a digital marketing agency or a digital marketer, we end up ignoring this thing. 

What do we do when we hire an employee with no experience or not sufficient experience in the field you are looking for? We train.

But when we hire an inexperienced digital marketing agency, we forget that we are not giving them any training.

As easy as digital marketing seems from far away, it’s not the same from inside. It’s just like any other business. It’s easier when things going in your favor but digital marketing keeps on changing, and because of that inexperienced digital marketing agency can fail to show results. 

You have become a better business owner with time because you have learned so many things from your experience. You have faced many business challenges and figured out their solutions. 

Experience brings looking at a situation from every angle. 

Additionally, experience brings the power of doing a thing faster and more efficiently

Moreover, experience also brings the ability to find a solution to any unexpected and unseen problem.

I am sure this list is endless and I wish I had the time to complete it. But I will leave you with a little exercise to decide on your own whether experience matters or not. Please answers in the comments below. 

  • Do you think you are a better businessman today than you were yesterday?
  • Have you learned anything that you were completely clueless when you started your business? 

Skills Of Digital Marketing Agency Or Digital Marketer

Imagine you are hiring an accountant for your business.

Now, answer this question does it matter if that candidate knows to account or not? Is it going to affect your decision if she/he knows to account but is also good at it?

I am sure the answer is yes. You don’t want to end up making any mistakes in your financial documents.

You understand that this error will pass on to even other areas of your business. It’s going to affect the HR department, finance department, and even the marketing department. 

It’s kind of the same with digital marketing. A wrong decision will affect your business in many ways that you haven’t expected. 

I have seen many businesses removed from Google search completely and losing even the little business they had.

The reason being that they booked a wrong digital agency that (as a part of their cheaper and faster services) ended up popularizing the business in the wrong digital neighborhood in order to bring web traffic.

These mistakes affect the business and its identity. Google doesn’t forgive and forgets instantly. It takes time. Many times many months, and even years.

The digital world is the new world of doing business and you want to keep your name clear here.

In the physical world, people will still forget your mistakes. In the digital world, no way!

Your customers can always Google which will show them all the results about you.

That’s why when you give control of your business to any digital marketing agency, you are giving them your business identity.

The question now is – Do you want your business identity to be somebody’s playground? 

Trust Factor Of Digital Marketing Agency Or Digital Marketer

This is a very important criterion in the digital world. Everyone is hiding behind a laptop in the digital world.

It’s tough to say who you are going to behind once that laptop is removed.

Is it going to be the same person who he claimed to be? Or somebody totally different? Or just a bot?

Cases of people using a fake identity on the internet are becoming very common more than ever. This is why trust is becoming a prized possession for anyone. 

Imagine it as the background and reference check for your candidates. You want to make sure you are working with a trustworthy digital agency. Here’s how you can do that –

Check out their website

Does it look spammy? Or does anything seem hard to believe there? Does it have become a millionaire in a year kind of claims? If no, then you should move on to the next step.

Does the website have a face? What I mean by that does it tell who is running it? Who is the digital marketing expert behind that website? 


Go to LinkedIn, check out the experience of who you are going to work with.

If the website claims that the expert has 5 years of experience, does LinkedIn also corroborate on that.?

Does the profile seems genuine or a fake profile with just no picture and just one connection?


Start Googling and see what kind of results are showing up about the digital marketing agency or digital marketer. 

You will get an idea about their digital reputation by doing this.


Read their reviews.

Proof Of Digital Skills

Would you go to a dentist who has bad teeth? I will answer on your behalf, NO! Why no?

Because you didn’t get the proof that he is an expert at fixing teeth as the claim didn’t reflect on their own business.

Now, let’s talk about digital marketing skills for a moment.

A digital agency who has no following on social media, can they do social media marketing for you?

Isn’t it obvious if you have a skill, you can use it for yourself?

 A copywriter can write good ad copies selling himself. Similarly, a social media digital agency should be able to sell their own social media. 

You can discuss that out with your digital agency and see what they have to say.

Have they started the business very recently, then they will need time to build a strong social media presence?

But if they have started their business 10 years ago and still have no social media presence, then something seems fishy.

The same goes for SEO. 

A company selling SEO should have good SEO visibility. 

  • Next, a company selling website designing should have a great website design. 
  • Then, a company selling content marketing should have good content. 
  • Also, a company selling email marketing services shouldn’t be spamming you with poorly written sales emails.

And so on.

The only exception is a brand new company because implementing strategies take time.

In this case, you can check out other things like the past work experience of its team members.

There can be a possibility that a 20-year experienced marketer just started a digital marketing agency.

The agency might not have a strong presence but the marketer will definitely have something to prove that he has the skills he is selling to you. LinkedIn seems like a good place to check.

Connection With Digital Marketing Agency

Yes, the connection is an important thing. You are going to be working with this agency for quite some time.

If anyone says otherwise, they are not being honest. SEO takes time and so does any other digital marketing strategy. You can’t change a company in the mid of a strategy. 

As it’s a long time partnership, you would want to work with a company that is friendly, attends to your needs, and shares a connection with you. 

These are the five most important criteria that I think you should keep in mind while hiring your next digital marketing agency. 

This is definitely going to make your decision-making process a little easier.


Sure it can get a bit overwhelming while selecting a digital marketing agency. There is a sea of agencies everywhere but only a few will match your criteria and needs.

These few tips are sure to help you kickstart your search for selecting the ideal digital marketing agency for your brand. 

For further guidance, we are here to help.

So, what was the basis of selecting your last or current digital marketing agency? And how is it working out for you? Please let us know in the comments.

How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency? 5 Criteria to Keep in Mind

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