7 Best Strategies For Social Media Marketing According To 1067 Reddit Users

social media strategies by reddit users

Here is a list of 7 best techniques of social media marketing by Reddit users. I spend so much time on Reddit discussing marketing and advertising with other users, that today

I went a step further and collect all the top social media marketing strategies in one place. You never know who can give you the next best idea.

With that thought in mind, I started analyzing various Reddit user posts about social media.

It took me 4 hours to finish my study of the best social media marketing strategies by 1067 Reddit users. But I will say it was worth it.

I hope it will prove as beneficial to you as it proved to many of our clients.

What is social media marketing?

Before I go into details, I want to be sure that everyone understands what is “Social Media Marketing.” This word has become popular in recent times a lot.

Everyone is doing social media marketing, in another way no one is doing it. What I mean when I say that?

Let’s understand the intent of ‘Marketing’ first, then we can expand that knowledge to ‘Social Media Marketing’.

What does marketing mean?


Marketing means promoting your service, experience, event or product to an audience to gain growth.

Many of us can do the first part (promoting something) but we always end up the second part (to increase sales) of the marketing.

If you are not generating leads from your social media, then you are not working on marketing but just posting content, just like billion other people, getting nothing in return.

Aren’t we doing everything in the business from the perspective of ROI? Then how come we forget for social media marketing. 

What does social media marketing mean?


Now, let’s expand marketing to social media marketing. 

Promoting products, services, experiences, events, places or people on social media to generate leads and increase sales.

If you’re not generating leads yet, then you need to realign your social media strategy. 

What are the 7 great social media marketing strategies by Reddit Users? 


As suggested by 1067 Reddit users, Let’s start the quest of unearthing some of the best social media marketing strategies according to 1067 expert Reddit users.

Understanding Social Media Algorithm.


The success of your social media channel depends on figuring out your social media channel’s algorithm.

They base these algorithms on various factors like Instagram will value engagement more and YouTube audience retention.

Let me share two stories from my experience of working on social media marketing projects for so many of our clients. 

Social Media Story 1.

Almost 7 years ago, I had time to work on a social media marketing project for a client from the entertainment industry.

The problem they faced was related to their Facebook channel. Below, I summarize that. 

When they started their Facebook presence, they witnessed a good growth rate and an even great engagement rate.

It continued rising in the next few months. They reached 40,000 followers, but soon their engagement rate started going down… a lot.

They approached me to figure out what they were doing wrong. I started my analysis of their problem, “the followers were still increasing, but the growth rate was not increasing with that.”

All these followers were not bot-followers or bought-followers, so low engagement because of lack of genuine followers was ruled out. 

After more study, I could figure out that the problem was not with their followers but with the reach of their posts.

Even though their followers increased but the reach of their posts did not.

If social media posts don’t reach your followers, you can’t expect any engagement. 

Glad you asked why that happened.

They didn’t pay much attention to pleasing the Facebook algorithm.

So, Facebook reduced the visibility of their posts which ended up hurting their social media. 

Social Media Story 2.

The second story is about my client from the beauty industry.

This story is also related to Facebook marketing. My particular client used our services for social media marketing, including Facebook.

They didn’t have many followers. So, our goal, as a social media agency, was to apply our knowledge of various social media algorithms in figuring out how to increase their posts reach.

Otherwise, we will waste our time coming up with creative social media content that nobody sees. That will be a big waste of our time and our client’s money.

Once the reach increases, engagement increases. When the engagement increases, the follower growth rate increases.

We started our Facebook marketing strategy based on this, and it provided successful results.

One thing Facebook algorithm loves is those posts that make people spend more time on Facebook.

This implies we have to create posts that make the audience more addicted to the social platform.

Focus On Genuine Social Media Followers Suggested By Reddit Users.


It is surely one of the best strategies for social media marketing by Reddit users.

Every once in a while we get tempted to buy some followers or increase our followers by using those shady third-party apps. This strategy harms your social media marketing goals in the long term. 

It’s obvious that it increases your followers, but the same can’t be said for your engagement.

Gone are the days when your social media presence was judged based on your followers.

Now people go a step further. They check your engagement.

If they see little engagement, they assume instantly that you have not earned these followers genuinely. 

Here’s an example for you to understand more.

Let’s assume that your Instagram engagement rate is 2% right now and you have 200 followers.

You buy followers and now you have 2000 followers but all those followers are not engaging.

So you are still having the same amount of likes, comments, and reposting.

The problem is that now your engagement rate will be calculated for 2000 followers and not for 200 followers, which will bring your engagement rate down.

Social Media Data Analysis Suggested By Reddit Users.


Digital marketing thrives on data. If we have access to data, why not use it to gain a competitive advantage?

Many people just focus on creating and posting new content. But if you don’t know how that content works out for you, you are just wasting your time and energy. 

Data tells us so many things that we can’t analyze just by looking at our social media page and its posts.

That’s why it is highly recommended by Reddit users to get comfortable with the numbers and start using social media analytical tools.

If you can’t check data every week, at least commit to doing it once in a month. 

Make sure that you are not obsessing over vanity metrics when you analyze your data. For example, engagement is more important the follower count.

Gain Engagement From Social Media Suggested By Reddit Users.


Social media is designed for social media interactions and that should be your goals.

Keep changing your social media marketing strategy until you start seeing the results. Reddit users swear by this strategy for getting results from social media marketing.

What you can do to gain social media engagement?

The best way to gain engagement on social media channels is ‘Being Human’. Nobody has time for companies or what they are selling.

Always remember that nobody likes to be sold but everyone likes to buy.

All aspects of your strategy should be focussed on your audience, rather than yourself.

Treat them like your friends and interact with them.

Like, comment, share, retweet, repost…there are endless ways of showing your audience that you are interested as well in what they have to say.


Create Good Social Media Content Suggested By Reddit Users.


This is another social media marketing pointer by Reddit users. Your entire social media strategy thrives on amazing and engaging social media content.

Social Media copywriting involves creativity. If you’re a brand, then besides creativity, it also needs an understanding of your brand personality. 


How to create social media content?

Step 1: Audience Research.

You will create better content if you understand your audience. The first thing you should start doing is audience research.

Understand who is your target audience. Once you know that, go to your every social media channel and analyze the audience there.

Do you see a match? If yes, you have cleared your first hurdle.

Otherwise, make some changes as you are not targeting the right audience. If you aren’t targeting the right audience, they will not enjoy your content. It’s like speaking French to a German.

Step 2: Copywriting.

Once you know your audience, you can go to the second step, which is content creation.

Many companies prefer hiring professional marketing and advertising agencies for preserving their brand identity.

Anyone can write content, but not everyone can write it a way that matches the brand personality and brand identity. If you are a small company and care little about your brand voice, you can create content yourself.

All you have to remember is that it should be authentic, engaging and has something that interests your audience.


Taking Advantage of UGC for Social Media Marketing Suggested By Reddit Users.


Social media users are creating content every second of every minute. Sometimes they also talk about you on their social media. If they are at a resort, they take pictures of themselves enjoying it.

If they are at a restaurant, they upload pictures of their dining experience. These users are capturing every little detail.

All you are required to do is take advantage of this free content created for years.

It saves your time as you are not required to create that post, you are just sharing it on your own social media channel.

It acts as a word-of-mouth marketing. People these days trust more what others have to say rather than what promises a company is making.

There is no better way of telling your audience how favorable other users think of you than by posting this user-generated content

Social Media Advertising Suggested By Reddit Users.


Social media advertising is a subcategory of social media marketing, which means social media marketing is never complete without social media advertising.

Many of your social media metrics like followers, engagement, etc.. can be increased and improved by adding social media advertising to your social media strategy. 

Many of these channels provide amazing ways of targeting. You can target based on literally any parameter – family income, interests, age group, city, political affiliation, and a lot more.

Not just targeting, they also provide a variety of ads based on various social media goals.

If your goal is lead generation, they have lead generation ads. If your goal is follower growth, they have follower ads. 



As important as social media is for any company, so is the social media strategy.

A great social media strategy can help you gain more visibility and improve your user’s interest in your product or service.

A bad marketing strategy can end up alienating your audience and turn them into something equivalent to ghost users.

If your social media strategy has backfired or has not worked as you expected, you can reach out to us.

7 Best Strategies For Social Media Marketing According To 1067 Reddit Users

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