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“Ignoring social media marketing is like opening a business and not telling anyone” 


Social media marketing is shaping the world today. Every person, every celebrity, and every brand has its social media presence. 

We at Bizadmark believe that everything starts with you. we’re aimed at improving your social media presencereach, and creating your social media brand presence that will stay with your audience like a catchy pop song from the 90s.

Moreover, being a social media marketing agency in Brooklyn NYC, we are committed to make your users come back asking for more. 


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Understanding and Creating Social Media Strategy

Your social media marketing strategy is the first step in making a mark. We make sure it’s meaningful and effective.

In addition to that, our team coordinates with your team to design an accurate, adaptable and efficient strategy for you.

Moreover, from making a strategy to implementing it successfully, here are a few points that we consider when making a social media strategy. 

  • Creating customer based social media strategy
  • Containing an overview of estimated reach and engagement
  • Time estimation
  • Cost of social media advertising (For a Kickstart)
  • List of Targeting Channels 

Types OF Social Media Networks
we offer

Our focus for your marketing strategy is not just focused on lead generation but also on conversion and retention.  we are committed to creating brand awareness, interaction, customer service and more.

social media marketing Brooklyn new york

Text based Social Networks

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin 
Discussion Forums like:
  • Reddit
  • Quora

Media based social networks

The primary base of these handles is media sharing from images to videos to GIFS to live videos. 

  1.  YouTube
  2. Instagram
  3. Snapchat
  4. Pinterest

Why Choose Bizadmark As
Your Social Media Marketing Company

Yes, You!
You are our priority!

Everything starts with you, we’re aimed at improving your social media presence and reach, so that your audience engages with a brand they can trust.

Taking Care of Everything

From social media strategies to social Ad services., we will make sure that your business stays on the top of its game in every arena.

Prompt Assistance

We are quick on our feet to serve you in the best possible ways. Our team is always there to serve you and assist you in every way possible.

Award Winning Team

Our award-winning creative team is at your service. You’re getting the absolute best of every world here.

Social Media Advertising Agency in Brooklyn, New York

We’re here to give your Social Media presence a kickstart. Our team designs effective and efficient ads to be run on social media portals for you so that your intended audience is targeted.

Our specialization includes designing and running ads for-

  • Linkedin
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • All other social media handles

However, if you’re confused as to how to go about starting your social media advertising, get in touch with us and we will suggest you what to do next. 

Reach more audience, increase brand awareness and generate more leads

Come aboard and experience the marvel of social media marketing yourself. 

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