Too Much Self Promotion Hurts the brand!

A tasteful self-promotion can be good for your brand. It can even be a nice touch to add. That may be referred to as personal branding. But do you know that too much self-promotion hurts the brand?

So, where do you draw the line?

When do you know how much is too much? 

too much self promotion

In today’s ever-competitive world, you need to ensure your customers that they can trust your brand. They can depend on your brand to deliver quality and an experience to remember. 

But when you indulge in self-promotion streak a little too much. You’re unknowingly sending a message that is rather the opposite of all of these. 

The Problem With Too Much Self-Promotion


 The Brag it all

No one likes a brag it all. And when it comes to gaining potential and target customers. Too much self-promotion will put people off. Because admit it, no one likes a “me me me” rant. 

After a certain point, people get tired of constantly hearing your self-praise. And it starts to give out adverse effects rather than being beneficial for your business. 


The newbie mistake 

This too much self-promotion at business is mostly noticed as a rookie mistake. All the newly freshly started businesses want results. And they want it fast. 

They want it all and they want it now. Which is why the road they choose is that of self-promotion. But in this process, they do more harm than good. 

A new business must realize that marketing is a gradual process. It’s not a destination, it’s a journey.

And in this journey, merely undertaking too much self-promotion will hurt the brand. Patience, perseverance, and productivity will get you there. Not self-promotions, self-promotions, and self-promotions.


The statistics

According to studies, 79% of the content marketers are of the belief that the content that is intended by the businesses to be written, edited and marketed comes from a point of view of too much self-promotion. This too much always self-promotion hurts the brand. 

 These content marketers have the pressure to bring the business audience. 


Be informative, not repetitive 

Let’s suppose you have a social media marketing strategy lined up. Now, what do you do with it? You constantly post about your awards, your praises, your client reviews, your products. 

And then what happens? your too much self-promotion hurts the brand.  You start seeing your followers dipping instead of increasing.

Ever wondered why that happens?

Well, it happens because you’ve fallen into the “I, me, myself” trap. That’s a vicious take on marketing. Posting only about yourself all the time will put people off. 

And can prove to be a detrimental aspect of your overall marketing strategy. Being repetitive in a self-promoting self bragging manner is bound to get you down on your potential customers’ preferred brands list.

too much self promotion is bad for your brand

Too Much self-promotion- What is the solution? 



First things first, just stop for a while. Stop with the self-promoting techniques you thought would work for your brand.

Stop it all!

Once you’ve stopped. Reassess. Reassess where your marketing strategy went wrong. Then recreate a marketing plan or hire professionals who will do that for you. 


Stay competitive 

Stopping the overtly self-promoting streak doesn’t mean you shouldn’t participate or be competitive. The digital space and traditional marketing space both are highly competitive these days. 

Everyone is at the top of their games and you should be too.

Your focus should shift from “Me” to “My Customers”. You should design and execute a marketing strategy that will deliver valuable and effective content to your potential customers. 


This will, in turn, help you generate a loyal customer base, and that’s where you start. 

too much self promotion can hurt brand


An Informative adjustment

Social media marketing is one of the most important aspects of overall marketing in today’s world. And ironically enough, social media is the place where self-promotions are undertaken at an alarmingly high rate. 

So what can you do instead of only talking about your products and services? You can talk about the industry you operate it. You can post information about the industry. 

For instance, if you work in the fashion industry, you can post about its history, cultural differences, big icons who changed the game of fashion like Gianni Versace, some quick facts of clothes. Etc, etc, etc.

Moreover, every now and then within these posts, you can post about your products and services. Be subtle, be in the industry that you operate in and be effective. 


Valuable content engaged customers

Delivering valuable, informative, relatable and rich content to your audience will help you go a long way. Instead of focusing too much on self-promotion techniques. 

Your brand can focus on content creation that offers an opportunity for real-time engagement with the customers. 

This way customers will get a sense of personal touch and relation with the brand. And the brand will, in turn, get much more conversions than expected. 

Marketing these days is not just plain advertising, it’s about creating an experience. Sparking a conversation. Not just between the brand and the audience, but between the audiences about the brand. And that’s what you should focus on.


The New-Biz lesson

As a new business, be it small or midsize. It is expected and imperative that your goal is to get as many customers as possible and convert all of the engagements into sales.

 But the law of the new age marketing world doesn’t work like that. Nothing will repel your potential customers like a constant self-promotion ride. Even if you are delivering a solid, class apart quality product or service if you are constantly telling everyone how good it is.  

That doesn’t mean you can never talk about your product. You can always give out subtle shout outs or soft glances here and there. 

But creating an overall brand experience for your customers should be your first priority. And too much self-promotion can turn tables in a rather distasteful and opposite direction, so decide wisely.


Too Much Self Promotion Hurts the brand!

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