Using the second largest search engine ‘Youtube’ for improving SEO

Yes, this is true. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. And Youtube SEO can drastically improve your search traffic. 

According to a report by ‘State of Inbound’, around 48% of marketers will add YouTube to their marketing strategy in the next 12 months.

Making a channel on YouTube is a very simple step-by-step process. The main work is related to the optimization and marketing of your youtube channel.

  1.  Create a YouTube channel.
  2. Start uploading Videos
  3. Optimize your videos & YouTube channel
  4. Start YouTube advertising

In this article, we are going to mainly talk about 5 efficiency increasing optimization tips.

5 Important YouTube Video Optimization Tips

Keep a note that one-third of the total online time is spent watching videos. And YouTube is the biggest place for video marketing. It has over a billion active users.

Consequently, video marketing and YouTube marketing is getting so much popularity.

  1. Don’t Forget to Add Cards to Your Videos.

    They are like annotations used in the past. To begin with, they can help you in directing your traffic to another video on your channel, directing traffic to your channel or directing traffic to your website.

    In short, these cards are calls-to-action that you have to strategically place on your video so it makes your viewer to click on it.

  2. Remember End Screen or End slate

    This is the last screen of your video which you can make effective by adding a few call-to-actions like a playlist of similar video, introduction to your website or any other option provided on YouTube. These are very effective if people are generally watching your video till end.

  3. Add Video Transcript

    A transcript is the translation of video to text generally provided in some other medium like video or audio. Video transcripts help a lot in improving your YouTube ranking, and also your Google ranking. You can also make the transcript interactive or provide some call-to-actions there.

  4. Add Custom Thumbnail

    According to YouTube, 90 % of the best performing YouTube videos have custom thumbnails.
    This explains the importance of having a custom thumbnail over the one thumbnail formed by YouTube. This is the first thing about your video that viewers see when they are scrolling through a list of random videos. This is your first point of attracting your viewers. That’s why it should be given extra attention.

  5. Make Playlists

    The importance of making a playlist is that they also appear in YouTube search results. So, if any relevant search is done, your video will be shown in the search result and your playlist will also be shown on the list.


According to a report, a video drives a 157% increase in organic search from search engines.

This is a big number which can improve your search engine ranking favorably. So, make it a part of your marketing strategy. And make sure that you follow our 5 YouTube Video optimization tips.

You can reach out to us if you are curious about how YouTube Marketing can help your business. And if this is already a part of your marketing, let us know how it is working out for you in the comments.

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Using the second largest search engine ‘Youtube’ for improving SEO

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