What Will You Do With A Beautiful Website No One Visits?

And then Plato asked, “What will you do with a beautiful website that no one visits?”

So you made a website, dolled it up with all things awesome.

It looked beautiful as can be. But nothing happened. You wait for days. Zilch.

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And then you think the website is awesome, Why isn’t anyone visiting it? Why is traffic not increasing? Well in all honesty. Why isn’t the right question to ask? 

Why is no one visiting your website?

Many have the preconceived notion that if they build a thunderous wondrous website, it’s bound to be popular.

Everyone will be curious about its existence and what it has to offer.

Well not so soon.

You know curiosity kills the cat right?

Often businesses get so carried away with designs and graphics and animations and excuse me for using a harsh word but yes, smothering the site with multiple Colors that they forget the main point.

The main point here is, Merely decorating the Christmas tree won’t get you to a Santa. You got to have done good deeds to earn the gift. Right?

That’s exactly what holds for your mighty beautiful website.

A website that no one visits is like Thanksgiving with no turkey.

Or watching friends without Chandler, Monica, Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, and joey. That means you’re just stuck in the coffee house with no one but Gunther.

Would you want that for your brand? I hope your answer is no. Because if it’s a yes. Then I have nothing to say to you man! We can’t be “friends”. 

How to make people visit your beautiful website?

The Bitter Truth

Behold the bitter truth, for it’s the truth that matters.

And the truth here is, absolutely no one is going to look at your website, and no one is going to make efforts of clicking the link and browsing through if you don’t make any efforts to get it noticed.

Your “ if I build it they will come” isn’t going to work because they won’t come.

Do you know why? Because they don’t know that you build it.

So just like your product, you’ve to advertise your website thoroughly to get it noticed.

Otherwise, it will be lost in the ocean of websites floating left and right with no one paying attention to anyone of them. 

The laws of  motion and marketing

Now, do you remember the physics principle we were taught in school?

A body at rest will continue to stay at rest unless it is acted upon by an external force”.

So, That’s how it is in our world too.

A beautifully build unnoticed website will continue to remain unnoticed. Unless and until you become that external force and make efforts to get it noticed.

Make people care about your website.  Make them an offer they can’t refuse. (No no don’t blow up the building or anything, that quote was just for a little dramatic reference). 

Gandhi said “Advertising is the strongest force a marketing world possesses”

The Advertising Philosophy

That’s what Gandhi would have said if he were marketing personnel. And as citizens of the world, we must listen to Gandhi. 

So be wise and start to advertise.

Let everyone know that you have got a beautifully designed, universally compatible website and offer value for money products or services. 

Advertise your online business everywhere you can.

Promote your website to already established arenas. Generate backlinks. 

Build bridges so that potential and the general audience can get to your business and marvel at its awesomeness. 

The Practicality

Your advertising focus shouldn’t only be on guiding customers to your website.

It should also entail the visibility and ranking of your website on the search engines especially but not only google.

Moreover, there are a plethora of websites offering similar products and services that you are.

But you have to prove that you stand out from them in terms of quality and services that you provide.

Use the keywords that best describe your business and strive to come on top of the SEO rankings. 

Why is SEO patience is a virtue?

The famous People Quote

As Tom Hiddleston said-

“You never know what’s around the corner. It could be everything. Or it could be nothing. You keep putting one foot in front of the other, and then one day you look back and you’ve climbed a mountain.” 


The Application

This is exactly what applies to the world of digital marketing and advertising. Your website just started. It won’t get the viral popularity overnight. 

Persistence and consistency are key. You have to constantly work on improving SEO rankings and advertising your brand on various platforms. Be it social media, offline or any other portals. 

You’ve to be consistent and persistent and deliver quality products and services along with quality advertising. 

Sometimes some marketing and advertising plans will work and some will fall flat on their faces. But you mustn’t give up. 

Continue to move forward and soon you’ll reach the topmost rankings! Believe it and you’ll manifest it!

What did we understand so far?

It’s all well and good that you’ve created a beautiful website, but you need to also make sure that it’s visible to people and visited by them. 

That means you’ve to focus on SEO, SEM, PPC and all that constitutes marketing your brand and website so that they give you conversions. 

The more the traffic the better it is.

As your website presence starts to grow, other people will also contribute to the publicity of your brand without you having to do anything.

They’ll share reviews, links and everything else about you if you’ve made them happy. 

Launching a website is just the beginning step of all the vastness that comes with it.

From designing to compatibility and content to advertising. And also from google to bing to other search engines. There is so much. 

It’s an incredibly broad arena and you must make sure you’re present everywhere.

Your website is present everywhere. I know it will require a lot of work. Be prepared for it. 

And yes! Have fun while you do all the work. That way shouldn’t be it?


So to sum it all up, merely designing a beautiful website will all the glitter isn’t going to work out unless you promote and advertise it well.

So get your SEO and advertising game on and see your traffic increase with ease and joy and glory. 

If you need any help, you know where to find us. And if you have a point to put forward, we are all ears. Let us know in the comments.

What Will You Do With A Beautiful Website No One Visits?

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